Improve Golf Driving Distance with 4 Exercises

In this video we show you some very simple yet highly effective Golf Specific exercises that will allow you to improve your golf swing dramatically increasing your driving distance. This features former PGA Touring Professional Ken Druce who is currently the Golf Pro working at the highly regarded Royal Sydney Golf Course.

Ken is able to show us a simple a drill that helps differentiate lower body and upper body to allow full rotation of the hips into the swing. We then show you 1 other mobility exercise and 2 Key stretches for loosening tight hips.

Watch for Ken’s shot right at the end and the ball nearly hitting him in the head as it rebounds off the wall at the other end of the gym!
These are just some of the exercises and assessments we use in our 12 week Golf Performance Coaching program which is all about improving the body of the golf player.

Make sure you read our articles about improving rotation and golf performance for more information.

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