Improve Chipping Consistency – Stop Chunking With a Simple Figure of 8

The Art of Simple Golf
Around the greens we want a lot of feel and touch. But you also want accuracy and a solid technique we can rely on without too much stress and that you to play with a deft natural touch as if you were simply tossing the ball right out of your hand. This chipping technique does exactly that.

You can watch the video and read the instructions below.

What you want to do is get yourself in a good set up, feeling the weight of the club and feeling balanced throughout. Feel the weight of the club, predict where you want the ball to land and draw the club back painting a very small figure of 8 as you come through to strike the ground.

This will give you a feeling of smooth acceleration without the fear of stabbing or being to tense in the hands and arms whilst striking the ball in the chip shot.



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