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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.

I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.

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Hi you saw last week my break 75 didn't Go to plan I'm playing pretty awful golf At the moment and that's not just my Opinion that's the scorecard's opinion As well it's been pretty dire now you Might have heard in last week's episode Of break75 I said I just need a little Bit of time to get my game back together So I'm gonna put our brakes every five On hold for the time being however that Doesn't mean putting the clubs away Because cars at the start next month I Have got a big match against a big name I'm gonna say who but it's gonna be big And I need to get my game sharp so for The next four weeks I'm going to work Really hard on my golf game how did that Works certainly this year anyway I don't Want to Vlog it I'm going to document it And share it every Friday in replacement At break 75 hopefully you're in gonna Enjoy it but for me many golfers do Struggle with golfers bloody hard right So I need to work on my game there's a Lot of areas I need to work on putting Chipping pitching hitting iron shots Closer confidence off the T it's all a Little bit rubbish at the moment so I Thought you know what first stop let's Go back to somebody who got my swing in One of the best places I've ever had it A number of years ago I used to see come Down here for quite a lot of lessons I'm Down here to see Dan Whitaker highly not

Seen him for a while I need to get some I need to get some confidence back in my Swing or at least something to work on If you've got nothing to work on it's Hard to stay motivated so let's go and See my good friend Dan let's see if you Can help me with my golf swing and let's See if over the next few weeks we can Work on in practicing improving and Getting better and come along with the Journey I think it's gonna be fun How are you good I need help I need help mate I do I feel like I've lost a bit of a Direction and I don't really know what To practice and I want to put practice In yep I've got a big match coming up in Four weeks well I can't tell you who Against or where I can tell you Something The start of December Challenges so I basically want to get my Game ready for that but for me there's a Couple of things I just I feel like I've Got a bit of a two-way Miss I'm liking a Feel of fade but even though I'm not Hitting the fade I'm hitting it somewhat Straight my distance control I think Shocking my my irons which I've always Genuinely thought is one of my strengths I'm just not hitting it close enough to The whole two hours later I hate Anything that's not full we're gonna We're gonna develop that shot

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Come on behave yourself yes so this is Just going to give us the angles the Rest so they give us the Your sort of xdx inflection or copying And bowing and then it'll give us wrist uncock and how much your arms Rotating But I can see where the two-way Miss Comes from because you've not got enough Here whatever you've got you're holding On to it's where you missed strikes are Coming from mate yeah okay so a lot of This is where it is at the top now when I see you at the top there you get you Get a lot of sort of cut halfway back And then you flatten it to the top so What you're doing in terms of the hinge Is not doing anything for your game it's Actually making you really inconsistent Because what you're having to do is That's obviously opening the face up a Lot and then you're recovering it to Different extents and we've only got two Swings there's a really small sample Size but those two are so different in The fact that they've got the same Pattern but some of them are really open There and they get a bit flatter at the Top then you don't flatten it on the way Down okay so in Practical terms is what We're doing I think the one of the Issues you've got is you know this is me Not trying to be critical of people Giving you the advice you know because

These are top players right but you've Always had a slightly weak grip you Gotta be careful you don't end your Career too early with that super weak Grip I know it is weak enough oh you're Gonna hurt yourself you've got to have The things that match that up the moment You change that I believe that's when Lots of other bits of inconsistencies Come in because it's not matching your Golf swing I feel hard when I go it Feels harder for me when I got a strong Grip I don't think you should ever go Strong mate I think you've just got to Match the rest of the moves in your Swing okay first move into here feel Like that left wrist going a bit more in That direction not as much as that but Obviously it's gonna be flatter at it Now as you're coming down from here I Want you to feel so you get your weight Shift and get more on top there for me Bowick coming down I feel like it turns In that's great now from there pull the Grip off the shaft upwards score keep Going much better way different what's Weird is any change feels different like It feels so bizarre and unusual you've Got to exaggerate those changes so for The next Maybe 10 minutes you're probably going To see me hit an awful lot of bad shots Until I get the feeling of what that Movement is but at least I know what it


Is I know what the concept is From way better So if it's good or bad then see where my Forearm is the right forearm the club Shaft is underneath my right forearm Where here on the left hand side it's Much more Optimum it's running up the Inside of my forearm so the way the club Is delivered into the ball this club Head is going to come through the ball Straight there and it's not just a Visual on this my club path on that one Was only was one degree to the left my Club was moving one degree to left which Resulted in an unbelievable straight Shot and that's what we want to see a Bit more of that's better that was two Degrees into out the start so three Degrees difference Feels hard At the moment It was like my body's got to work more Which is good the other reason why this Is spots Ireland you wouldn't have seen This video yet thanks it's not out I've Played the valkyrie last week and uh I Shot 89.89 I know I feel like you didn't I Did you know it's on YouTube it's not Now I know I wish it wasn't He left knee didn't move as much without Yourself not hard will do when your legs Aren't working the way they should You've got really strong legs you're not

Actually taking advantage of them Properly you sit a little bit too you're In steps here brings your knees inwards So the true balance points is from the Outside of your shoulders going through Your knees through the middle of your Laces when you pull them in like that it Encourages this which makes you dip down Which would be when you get your fairway Wood and your kind of almost bottom it In quite a little bit yeah which is why There Laughs Again These little Cuts mate It's exactly how old Tom Morris saw the Game going So after This and we're done which was in the Last week I've come down to Trafford It's actually quite quiet so chilled Middle of the day I'm gonna hit some Golf balls to work on my new swing 120 I've got which I'll be honest is Probably too many but let's see what I Got going logged into top Tracer so I'm Ready to go this first session I've got Three or four things to work on with Dan I need to go stronger knees I need to go Club face more clothes Going back and exhale high and left Going through so I'm just going to hit Some shots record a few and by the way I Want to show you this very quickly this

Came through the post of the day you Might have seen my logo and my head Covering the past my logo on We've had a little upgrade the golden Eagles on there how good is that looking I will do merch One day okay let me show you this Already just been hitting some balls Just been recording myself check this Out so much better already and all I'm Working on putting the glove down going Back Keeping the elbow tucked in They're not really much more control Than con Pat's tougher back swing with a Club face squarer I was about to move left of it the path Comes down Absolutely perfectly Oh my God That's what we want to see that's the Rickshaws you want to see Much better practice done Um I hit 120 and then got another 40. so I hit 160 balls two plus two is four Minus one that's three quick mess it's Already record much of it but I worked On my swing and I also smashed it on Long drive I'm currently second with 320 Hour drive anyway I'm playing golf Tomorrow come join us Ah okay so it's 7 30 A.M and part excuse Me part of this uh Journey as well is to Improve my fitness levels

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Um I find that I play best golf when I'm feeling better Within myself and I've put a little bit Of weight on recently And I want to try and lose that and I've Always been really into running so part Of this month November I'm planning to Run a total of 100 kilometers I've just Finished my Third 10k of the week sorry Oh yeah Third 10k of the week and I'm enjoying that so I've just finished That one in 50 minutes four seconds a Bit annoying I know I can go on the 50 Minutes but it's nice to get back into That Um but yeah just a little bit of a side Project Within These Vlogs I'll keep you Updated in my fitness got a busy day Today Um lots and lots of practice to do all Right guys I'm gonna treat myself today Come down here to JCB I'm gonna whack a load of golf balls Here on the driveway they've got top Trades in here now as well I'm gonna Spend some time on that wonderful Pudding green right so still become a Golf swing got a few things I'm trying To improve Um I'm just going to set them up see What happens right Foreign Big Drive however The old man still got it

Three four one boom okay let's go and Play something uh maybe put in then play A bit of golf I just wish putting was This easy all the time This is what I need I even left out on that spend a bit of Time on this and this so try and work Out is it the actual reading of greens That I'm not good at or is it just Simply me I'm putting control Thank you Okay gotta be honest with you that's Depending my confidence amongst doing it Anymore so I'm going to start them off For today I'm getting frustrated some Lunch I might come hit quite a few The camera All right guys I'm going to finish this Week's Vlog there Um productive week at about probably six Hours of practice in total about six Hours more than normal weeks a few holes On the golf course I'm probably just Going to play with nine holes here work On the swing a little bit and then get Back at it next week hopefully you've Enjoyed it thanks for watching I feel Like my confidence level in this week is Maybe nudged up to 20 percent At least it's gone up see you next week Be sure to like And subscribe