If You Miss 3 Foot Putts, Watch This

Having the ability to sink short putts consistently throughout a round of golf is one of the simplest way to lower your scores, and in turn; your handicap. In this video, we break down how you can shift your mentality and approach to these short putts to start seeing more of them fall!
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Three foot putts they always sound a lot Easier than they are especially when we Have a sloping putt or maybe a putt Under Pressure late in around hey Everybody I'm George Conley the scotch Golf tips and today we're going to be Talking about one simple and very Effective tip that's going to help you Make many many more putts from three Feet many golfers Overlook the Importance of these three to five foot Putts and how that can positively or Very negatively affect your round of Golf in terms of scoring it's easy to Hit a ball off the driver slice it and Think oh man I'm not scoring well Because I'm slicing my drive meanwhile You're missing five three to five foot Putts around when if you make all of Those your score is directly five Strokes less so let's think about the Way that we're missing these putts most Often and then we can work directly off Of that to find a solution in my Experience of playing with amateurs and Hearing from my followers one of the Most popular ways probably the most Popular way that people miss these putts Is by hitting them too softly and under Reading the putt this meaning that if You you're faced with a fairly slow Right to left breaking putt you're going To hit it a little bit soft and it's Going to miss on what we call the low

Side of the hole for a right to left Putt that's going to be the left side of The hole it won't reach the hole this is Because people get a little bit timid And nervous over these putts because you Know it's a putt that you should make But you want to be careful with it so People often don't put a confident Stroke on the ball another reason that Golfers don't always put a confident Stroke on these three foot putts is Because if you look at a 20-foot putt You have a nice long flowing stroke Through transition it's really difficult To do that on a three foot putt because You can't be going forward and backward It's a very short succinct stroke and Oftentimes people associate a short Stroke with a slower stroke so the first Thing you want to do is definitely have A little bit of a confidence stroke even If that means shortening up the stroke Very we're talking potentially inches Here but just be sure to accelerate a Lot of people get a little bit a little Bit nervous they decelerate and Deceleration not only makes it so that Your putts aren't going very far it Makes it that your hand a little bit Jittery he hasn't tension and you won't Always hit those putts squarely on the Middle of the face maybe hit it a little Bit off the toe off the heel which is Horrible for distance control and also

Horrible for the way that you're aiming Your putts is going to start right it's Going to start left if you're Decelerating through your putts you're Almost you're not going to make the pot So that's the technical side now let's Talk about the mental side if you have a Putt no matter the distance no matter The slope the harder that you hit that Putt the less that putt is going to be Affected by the break so when I'm Personally over a three foot putt what I'm thinking is how much break is in This and if I hit this really hard right At the hole will it be affected by break The answer is often no if you give a Nice confidence stroke I'm not saying Hit a three foot putt 10 feet but I Honestly go into a lot of these pots Thinking I'm going to hit this about Five feet I'm going to hit it right at The hole if you look at golfers on the PGA tour lpj tour you're watching any Professional golf on television three Foot putts those putts almost always go In the back of the hole they never Trickle in over the front they go all The way in and they smack the back of The hole and go right down because those Golfers know if they put a confident Stroke on the ball maybe a little bit of An adjustment for the the Um the break of the pipe they're just Gonna hit it right at the hole and it's

Going to slam in there because it's a Short putt the harder you hit it the More control that you're gonna have over The line because again acceleration you Have good club face control deceleration You don't accelerate hit a confident Putt right at the center now this Concept of hitting these putts Confidently is easier said than done so What I will tell you is you should Probably spend some time on a practice Putting green this is also something That's great to do on a putting mat Indoors practice hitting very confident Strokes we what I like to do is I put a T about a foot past the hole and Whenever I'm putting you want to make as Many as you can obviously but if you Miss you want that but you want that Ball to get about about a foot past the Hole because if you're hitting it and It's just getting past the hole by an Inch or if you're missing it short That's not a confidence drop we want Confident Strokes another thing that I Think of with these shots that helps me Is if you're hitting a confident putt You know three feet it's a three foot Button you're hitting it two feet past If you miss that putt you know you might Be a little bit scared that it's going Past you're only two feet away the next Time and you already know what the putt Does because you hit it past so that's

Another reason that we can really be Aggressive on these putts another thing To note about this is if we're gonna hit These confident putts from three feet Out that we want to hit the back of the Hole and go in the pin cannot be in Because if you hit it straight and you Hit it you hit your line it's going to Go right over the first half of the hole That's dissected by the pin it's gonna Hit the pin and bounce off so pull the Pin on these short ones uh it shouldn't Take any time on your golf game and if Other people have short putts they'll Thank you for doing so I'd love to hear Your thoughts on short putts if you Struggle with them if you have Confidence in them if you're struggling With them let me know what's going on And and let me know if this video has Helped you leave it in the comment Section below and if you feel like you Have a fairly good control over this Part of your game let me know how you've Attained that if you want to watch more Videos to help you gain confidence on The golf course we have plenty on this YouTube channel and if you want to see Our future uploads feel free to Subscribe to the channel thank you all Very much for watching this video play Well and take care