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I wanted to QUIT golf then THIS happened.. #Break75 - Golf Tips & Videos

I wanted to QUIT golf then THIS happened.. #Break75

Are you feeling like giving up on golf? Well, let me tell you a story. This is a tale of my journey to break the elusive #Break75 mark. Trust me, it wasn’t an easy road, but just when I thought about throwing in the towel, something incredible happened. So, buckle up and join me as I share my experience that will remind you of why you fell in love with this sport in the first place.

I Wanted to Quit Golf Then This Happened… #Break75


Have you ever reached a point in your beloved sport or hobby where you found yourself questioning your commitment? That’s exactly how I felt about golf. The frustrations and disappointments had piled up to the point where I seriously considered quitting altogether. But then, something incredible happened. In this article, I want to share my personal journey of almost giving up on golf and how one breakthrough moment changed everything for me. Yes, it’s true – I finally #Break75!

The Breaking Point

We all have those moments when the game seems impossible to conquer. The unending slices, the missed putts, and the inevitable double bogeys. Golf, once a passion, had become a source of frustration and self-doubt. I contemplated walking away from the game that once brought me joy. It was during this dark phase that a friend introduced me to an inspiring golf channel.

Rick Shiels Golf Show Podcast

As I clicked the link to “Rick Shiels Golf Show Podcast,” I didn’t anticipate how it would impact my golf journey. Rick Shiels, a renowned golf coach and YouTuber, had built a community of golf enthusiasts who were determined to improve their game. From club reviews to entertaining content, his channel promised to help me play better and enjoy the game more.

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The Turnaround

Listening to Rick’s podcast episodes, filled with practical tips, motivational anecdotes, and expert advice, brought a fresh perspective to my golfing troubles. With every episode, I felt a renewed sense of motivation. Rick’s genuine passion for the game was contagious, and I found myself eager to hit the course with renewed vigor.

The H.I.T Review Channel

As I delved deeper into the world of Rick Shiels, I stumbled upon another gem – the H.I.T Review channel. This channel provided in-depth reviews of golf equipment, ensuring that golfers made informed decisions when investing in new clubs or gadgets. Armed with this new knowledge, I began reevaluating my own set of clubs, understanding the importance of having the right equipment to complement my skills.

A Personalized Video Experience

One day, while exploring Rick’s online presence, I discovered his cameo service. It was a unique opportunity to have Rick create a personalized video for my friends or family, sharing his insights and well-wishes. I couldn’t resist the chance to make someone’s day, and the joy that came from seeing their reactions was immeasurable. Rick’s warm and personal touch added another layer to his already engaging content.

The Lyle & Scott Partnership

With his undeniable expertise and passion, Rick Shiels caught the attention of prestigious brands, leading to an official apparel partnership with Lyle & Scott. This collaboration not only added a touch of style to Rick’s content but also showcased his credibility in the golf community. As a viewer, I genuinely appreciated the value Rick brought through his association with trusted brands.

The Power of Subscription

Becoming a FREE SUBSCRIBER to Rick Shiels’ YouTube channel was an absolute game-changer. Over time, I realized the importance of hitting that ‘Subscribe’ button and activating the notification bell. By doing so, I ensured that I never missed out on any new videos, golf tips, or exciting collaborations. Being a subscriber gave me access to an ever-growing treasure trove of valuable content.

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The journey to #Break75 was not an easy one, but I’m grateful I didn’t quit golf. Through Rick Shiels’ YouTube channel, podcast, specialized reviews, and personalized videos, I was able to rediscover my love for the game. His genuine passion, invaluable advice, and entertaining approach revitalized my perspective on golf, leading to a breakthrough I never thought possible. If you find yourself questioning your commitment to golf or any other passion, consider exploring the resources and inspiration available through the golf community.

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