I REALLY didn’t want to do this….

This mightbe my last BREAK75 Episode ever!


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Foreign I did not want to release This video you're about to see but here We are now this is the break 75 I've got To be frank with you It's the worst golf for me you're Possibly ever gonna see Um is it the Belfry brabazan and about Maybe six or seven holes in I'd fully Come to the conclusion that this video Was never ever going to be seen However I'm releasing it and for a couple of Reasons one just to remind you Golf is really really hard and it can be Frustrating and you will see that in This video and two as a reminder to Myself to never play this bad ever again There's a few things in this video that I'm not happy with it's more me my own Personal Attitude towards the way I've played Which I will never want to repeat again And to be honest with you I'm somewhat Embarrassed and quite ashamed of the way I behaved certainly moved into the back Nine however without further Ado sit Back and enjoy Um and I might just have a little break Away from break 75 for a few weeks and Just try and regroup and try and get my Game ready So I can bring you much better golf Moving forward

Last reminder golf is hard Sit back and enjoy Me Struggle For your enjoyment All right guys welcome back to another Episode of break 75. today I'm somewhere Quite historic The Belfry here in Birmingham UK the host of four Ryder Cups this golf course behind me is a Real test the barabbasan I mean even Sounds medicine so today I'm going to Really try my absolute Harvest now There's a few new golf clubs in the bag Which I'm going to tell you about in a Minute but when I look over this golf Course there's a couple of holes that Definitely strike fear in me with all That being said I'm actually feeling Pretty positive today because I've got New golf clubs in the bag I've been Ripping it on the driving range I've Been keeping it brilliantly I've been Holding everything let's go and smash it Up let's go and break 75. let me show You the golf club before we go and tee Off now some of you might have eagerly Eyed seen me using this at presswick It's a high toe tailor-made lob wedge Massive sole loads of grooves on the Face Um I'd like to give a real defined you Know sophisticated answer to why I put This club in the bag I've not got one I

Just needed a bit of a change in that Area of my golf set so I've gone big and Forgiving this club however has got a Lot more logic to it more recently I've Had a thrown a bag like a chunky Throughout it I bet and it's terrible I've never used a hybrid properly I've Put one in the bag this is actually an Old one this is a Sim two I've cranked It to pretty much four iron loft I'm Gonna give that a whirl what I like About it so far is that I can hit it High low and I can hit it out the rough One of my big challenges with the three Iron I was using I really struggle out The rough with it right I'm also I'm playing with guy today now you might Have seen the last episode okay Something very very weird happened okay And I don't want it to ever repeat be Beaten it He beat me do I mean so today I want Vengeance okay he has been playing a lot Better recently and I've not been Playing quite as good so out here today There's a bit of a break 75 but really Okay I want to be a guy That's my main mission today Right we'll team off soon let's get to It Robinson break 75 He's gonna Smash It Up So as Rick just alluded to then I um I Think he should have beat him last time I destroyed him let's be honest but I

Think he's eating it well on the Range He's putting okay this new putter if he Can go out there today and have a nice Happy positive mindset he will go low And he might beat me however if this Negative mindset comes in I'm gonna beat Him today my target is break 80 Obviously which is break 75. let's see What happens but I can assure you as Rick said there's some top holes this is Gonna be a good one and I'm excited now This golf course is honestly such a Great test uh every hole has its kind of Character and features it's not a boring Hole on this golf course the first hole There's a 400 yard Par Four as bunkers Down the left and the right you've got To I mean for an opening t-shirt it's Fairly straight but you've got to be Accurate If you're gonna have a chance of Knocking it on the green and closing too Right so these holes behind me here the 9th 18th and 10th they're the real Pedigree on this golf course Is delivered Oh that's behind that that's all right Could be Sandy Oh lovely little bounce that's perfect That's good now very good Okay so after a decent first t-shirt so I've caught the left side of the Fairway 140 yards into the flag they feel like There's no wind down here but there is

There is going to be wind up there I Think it's just a nice 99 little low Drawer should get me there It's a low draw A thing that's okay yeah it should be Good it finished left in a flag which Wasn't the plan I wanted to finish right At the flag but it looked like the right Distance Tell you what oh well that's it I didn't think I had that then I really Did I'll tap it in yep take your time So take your time I don't like to rush In okay second hole Par Four uh somewhat Tight but we're not gonna think about That we're gonna think a fair way uh There's a there's a ditch that runs Across the green across the Fairway About 300 yards so just for just in case I'm gonna hit Three Wood down there Nice It's kind of thin but it looks perfect I don't know it's perfect was it a Thinny when I was like a tiny bit off The bottom Groove yeah okay little light People when I say a tiny bit off the Bottom Groove I actually mean Maybe the soul of the golf club but it's It listen it looks phenomenal Okay 70 yards to the flag I'm gonna use My new lob wedge I'm gonna just fly it Up fly it all the way there and just Hope it stops and drops

We got a comment in the podcast recently That I should be using the ball marker Not a pitchfork but there we go Somehow some habits are hard to change Right the birdie on two Oh my goodness I honestly didn't think I'd hit that Hard the uh the rapid the so fast Oh Rick Silly silly I feel like my mission in this round Because I know how somewhat challenging The bat nine is Feel like I've got to get level power Through the front line I do think shots Are going to be dropped on the back so a Bit bit annoyed myself they have about Three put but I need to leave it behind And try and make some birdies let's get It back to level par okay come on nice T-shirt let it ride on the Wind If it's carried everything it should be Phenomenal If it's carried everything Yep nice good job So guys in the Fairway he's got about 228 yards to the middle of the green Over this beautiful Lake in front of the Green uh that's a good news yes The bad news is the bunker I thought I Might have carried and made the hole Very short I've not carried so I'm in The bunker meaning I probably won't be Going for The Greening too

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Good thing without the way is although It's not great being a bunker your Decision's been made for you you're Hitting one out on the Green in free Maybe a birdie I'm in this place now Where let's be honest I'm probably gonna Go for it and inevitably written up There I don't even know I don't even Know why I'm contemplating how far it is To the green Something that's like ingrained in me That I have to like go for these stupid Goal shots If I was to go for it just to give you Some information it's 205 yards pretty Much 90 of it is carry over water I'm far enough back from the lip to go For it I think but I actually don't Think my balls sat up nicely enough in That bunker if it'll say I'll put a Little tea Peg I'd fancy in that new Little hybrid I've got I don't think it's that quite as nice I'd want it to I've got to take my Medicine it's too early in the round to Go for these hero shots If I make double now it's it's game over But if I knock it out sideways still Make Power then we're still we're still In the chance of putting a good score Together Yeah it's not my greatest shot in the World but we're back on The Fairway I Really really don't know in the water so

Positive thoughts there is no water There's a nice big green bail out right And long if needed Oh be good Not bad yeah back right bunker but Cleared all the nonsense How far is that 130 yards same Club as I've just hit Pitching imagine pitching which You know not my finest Really good for distance I actually Don't feel too bad about that pin High Direction wasn't great but I think Distance control was good and if I can Stick with that all day I've done that On first second or third so far and That's a good a good indicator that I Must be kind of getting my gauge a Little bit better Okay slippery one it's gonna be fast It's got loads of left to right break in This It's trickled it it's trickled it Well trickles young sir thank you Yep yeah I didn't feel like I Capitalized but didn't make any mistakes In for a five one over through three Fourth over Par Four back into the wind That was just helping us on the last Hole I say helping us it didn't Particularly help our score but now We're back straight back into the wind It's playing about like it's gonna be About 400 odd yards there's a ditch

Right in front of the green So it's just you just gotta smash a Driver down there Stop fading stop fading stop fading stop Fading And talk to a fade but a drawer doesn't Listen Super Bowl your driving has got so much Better I found this guy on YouTube Called Rick Shields and a bit like him At first if you have a beard and then I've got these newer videos and he's got A beard he's quite good okay come on Shields Middle of the green I'm not Going to get suckered into that PIN Well that's come out hotter than that Hot oh that's gonna be huge oh my Goodness How's it going that far okay so Rick's Kind of thrown me a bit there his balls Gone miles but I think that must just be Down to the fact he's in the rough I Definitely didn't go for the pin low Spin fly I've got 105 to the pin what I Don't want to do what I'm not going to Do is hit one that looks great and then Get sucked into being close to flag and Put it in the pond short so I'm gonna Favor the slightly longer side so a 108 Shot Goodbye Very nearly dead what I said I was going To do get sucked into it but it's all Right

Leaves leaves everywhere I must admit I Love trees on golf course I do But it's uh it's frustrating when you Get so much tree droppage but you Literally isn't a battle that you can't Win trying to pick all these up anyway I actually think I brought the wrong Club My Boogie's right back there I'm at the Back of the green I've brought my 56 Degree sand wedge and actually in Hindsight I think I should have brought That new kind of Bigfoot lob wedge I think I can play with this Everything's running away from me It's going to be Speedy Shots They're still not stiff stiff but it's As good as I could have done I thought It was looking really good it was like I Thought it was going nowhere near and Then it got good good good gotta Couldn't believe it kept going but Great shot right this is what I can Actually feel dropping this one Go I called it I actually can't believe That they called it before hitting it And then it went all the way around and Dropped in the back Edge Try it I'll really thank you very much I Think he's gonna have no powers on the Scorecard today

Oh okay Ah Really feel like coming should have got Up and down from there Fifth fell powerful guy's taking the Honor back now it's a good wholeness It's got a couple of very cleverly Placed bunkers that makes you think this Guy's gonna hit like a I think it's a Three or four iron off the tape and then Go with this new hybrid see how we're Going with that Yeah is that a great shot perfect Straight down the middle swinging it Well Not missing that trap should be perfect And I think it's just short actually Second shot into the part four 161 yards But Wind's helping a little bit now They're going nine iron pins back left I'm gonna try and miss this pin High Slightly right Of the pin not right of the green Look at the window then It's my ball is sat on two leaves in the Bunker It's in a horrible little section of the Bunker that's not very smooth Right for par Like I'm making hard work of these at The moment None of the widest Port ever

Bogey silly one very silly indeed Okay how many holes five holes played Yes uh it's fairly slow round today We're out behind quite a big golf day Just fine it's not the end of the world Uh at the moment however you've just Taken a One shot no it's one What are you three you get a five then Yeah I got four so you've three or two Three over two over two over I'm three Over Oh How you feel about that not great I'm Not gonna lie to you I felt like uh The mistakes I've made have been trivial Yeah at least and I think hopefully Touch Ward and this is going to go out The window and I've said it but my goals Got a little bit more solitary as of Like so if I can stay solid there's no Blow-ups I don't know could take the cash Cleanser five grand which is a bit over The top but if you want to play in five Grand adult I'll win it then okay How would you have a pint after nine Holes are we having a pint of sausage Roll yeah to be honest I'm starving Right uh this now is probably the Hardest hole in the golf course Brilliant six hole water all the way Down the left-hand side of this hole and Then even on the right is not

Particularly great so Perfect t-shirt required I can guarantee If you want me one shot in it after this Hole that's all I'm saying one way or Another guaranteed Need a good tee shot Win win That's fine yeah it's good That's just dead right in it When it's your day it's your day look at This basically I got very scared of the Water left and I think I did poo my Pants a little bit so I pushed it to Stay away from the water didn't realize There was water here but I'm a foot away From the water so you could say judge to Perfection I don't know but I'm gonna Have to chip one out now Um take your medicine Which is okay because I found my ball so I'm going to take a pitching wedge So let me talk you through it It's for planners Nice little bump and run through that Gap don't overthink it it's a simple Golf shot It's hard to come out you know that's it Yeah it bounced off by the way Oh So that was my first part the second Part is now to play it safe into the Geese Don't hit him Oh I think you click one on the bum all

Right so the ones kicked it as well That was uh adventurous Right second shot into this hole I'm 178 Yards away from the flag that's a divot I'll put repair that I'm gonna hit him Just a nice six iron Oh I could have played on a uh be nice He could have played one here Stay there oh it's gone big I know you're thinking this has been a Nightmare hole so far it has but I've Got an amazing short game so I know I'm Gonna stiff this or maybe even hold this So worst case is the bogey best hits of The par nugget and McKennan annoy him so Let's do it 80 yards A bit thin Made another Schoolboy ERA this is the Problem with playing in boogies I was adamant I was in this bunker I didn't think I'd be a couple of yards Short I've brought the Bigfoot and it's Probably not the club I would have used From here but You know what I mean the Boogie's all The way back there now So for three third shot That is a double bogey Okay that was a strange hole um wasn't Great for me either of us but Redemption Time lovely lovely path three 151 yards It's playing maybe one five two actually A little bit of wind hurting as we think So I'm gonna have a soft date iron

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Um and I'm sure Rich to get a good read Of mine and chooses Club from that it Might actually be a nine iron Three quarter eight let's float one in So I've pulled it oh that's terrible That was an awful golf shot that on Every count This is a shot I've never tried on a Golf course and I got like a chippy fade I could not see it I just saw the seat In Okay this is the kind of shot a little Bump and run loads of green to work with On a good day these go close and give You a tap in power on a bad day they go Nowhere near and then yeah three put so Hope it's a good day off the left Trickle it down Another chipping would be ideal That's good What's good oh my goodness Oh I look long though All right let's give me a little bit of A clue that this might be fast as hell About miles away so it's always hard to Judge when you're so far away yeah it's Almost going to be quite fast because It's downhill It's not horrendous It was horrendous Oh my goodness Absolutely horrendous I think that balls Broke Must be broke

It's got to have been the ball let's be Honest it can't have been me No way currently now I'm racking up a Hell of a score six over Through seven And honestly we've we've been through The easy holes now So we'll just see how much I can cling On desperate for some food might even Have a pint at a halfway house Part four apparently this is the house On the golf course which the 409 yards Back into wind water up the left trouble Everywhere I can probably understand why Rick said for those people watching Anything I'd love to play golfer Rick Shields I'm sure you would but he's Probably the worst part in the world in A tease like yeah hard holes 5 000 yards Off the tee you've got water all the way Down the left you've got the Sahara Deserts to the right storytelling okay Taking the picture I'm gonna paint my Own picture lovely path for it's fancy Little fade off the left nice nice sunny Day Bit right maybe the trees That was a Big Slice right I'm in a bit A spot of bother I'll smashed the air to The trees on the right kind of lost my Head a bit on that drive to be honest Frustration sometimes kicks in and gets The better of me just just by frustrated Making obviously silly silly silly

Bogies and like doubles I go into these with so much promise and Hope And get shattered Um mentally mentally exhausted anyway Second shot into this part four if I was Playing well another score going I'd Probably pitch it out chip important Maybe take my medicine as a five but Seeing the score's not going to plan There's nothing wrong with going for the Hero shot now Maybe that's why I went wrong on the Third today I should have gone for that Hero shot at the bunker Um I've got to hit it I'm 150 yards in The front of the green I've got to hit It ridiculously low Somehow then it's going to go up because It's got a ditch to carry it's got land On the Green Give it a go away There we go folks six iron Great lay up that stay there Gotta get up and down gotta make Something happen It's on the green but it's pretty woeful Oh foreign If you want to get in Prime position Even though the wind's hurting off the Left and your second shot into this Green the protection Is the lake that coincides with the 18th Green

Um so anything leaky short right is Swimming so on the green is crucial but It's quite a big green very undulating And again I'm saying this not only like A negative vibe I'm gonna shoot make Double or triple I'm saying it in a way That's really just you know pulls you The audience into this scenario and Gives you a full idea of the the Challenge we have facing ourselves right Now or you may also make a double triple Probably most likely Gone aggressive it should be okay though Or Draw it straight down the middle I have one size nine to the PIN Wind into so it feels like it probably Should be a seven iron really But I'm in the rougher light rough And I think this could quite a little Bit hot a little spin do it and flyer So we've got eight iron commit to it I could really get a nice pirate to Study this That was phenomenal But I'm not sure if it's got enough It's not bad pin high right I'm in the rough balls quite heavily Above my feet Pins back left which is this light is Going to help that a little bit I'm About 140 yards maybe just over 140 Yards I think I'm gonna go with the 99 So close

Ah hit it through the back just a touch Ah Ricky Shields not making it easy my Only chance of getting this to finish Close I've got to land it here and just Hope for a bit of a soft cushion bounce Soft cushion Landing I let it just Trickle down the hill Oh great recovery after that first one Do you think I could leave that short I've literally not made a path since the Fourth hole That's absolutely Abysmal Well that's bad so bad so slippery and Sliding I mean you think that they might Not want us to break 75 today Yeah nice Nice path right through nine holes That's one of the worst scores I've ever had eight over three nine You're six yes Onto the back nine but before that the Pint and a buddy food or something I did the last one The last four sausage rolls I think we'll probably need all four I Would imagine and the round's not going To plan so I might have a beer Food food Needed you've missed these sausage roll Review in fact you missed them so much I've actually ended up getting two and I've got a beer I'm gonna have to do This first I love that I'm just going to

Open that first all right sausage roll Hope handmade sausage roll and I've got To be honest with you they look quite Simply Phenomenal Daddy looks good right Big Bite give it A review Might be the fact I'm hungry It might be the fact I'm playing Terrible it might be the fact that's one Of the greatest sausage rolls I've ever Eaten in my life that's clear 9.6 out of Ten that might be the top of the Leaderboard Mega right better catch up Cheers everyone I'm having an account Camden Pale Ale Don't advertise drinking on the channel Normally but I feel like I need I need something Breaking 75 today might now be out the Window I'm currently ate over Let's try and reset and let's try and Shoot on the power for the bat nine to At least break 80. I can't see it but Let's see if I can surprise myself and Surprise you guys I'm gonna smash this and then get to Tempty I think whole Infamous this golf course For this uh me and guy have had a beer Yep we're feeling Fruity I'm not feeling fruity well no

You might be I'm not Uh I've got a few on the power back now To break 80 and I'm two shots behind Guys that might be the most important Part of this story right let's go Drivers out big boy shots we're not sure Firstly if it's actually drive because Wind helping it could only be a three Wood but I'm gonna go first try driving Stop Three Wood secondly deep deep deep Down as you all know I'm a bit of a Weasel I don't really want to go with This one and iron down there but I've Got a girlfriend right we're ready Foreign Too much Club Okay Whenever I get the under off Rick it Always seems to be a time really Annoying work he learns from my mistake Like par threes all that bands he'll now Probably hit three he would have put it Close Annoying I feel like the way you've just hit Driver go that looked like and it wasn't A great shot but even that's gone along I am very long what do you mean by that Foreign That's in the water A beer after nine already feels like a Mistake Okay I've decided to go three off the T I'm not dropping in the water or short

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Of the water I'm gonna go for it again That's also in the water but it's near The green let's try and reset and let's Try and shoot on the power for the bat Nine to at least break 80. this looks Like my Ball off the tee it is So that now is First shot went in the water Took three off the T IP the drop way into water dropped Before playing Five Nice shot Really good six it was the sixes goes Oh five nice five thank you ah America I wanted to be 10 over through ten so That's you know to make it really really Really hard my biggest concern for you Though is not score I beat you last week We'll beat you again this week that's The concern I've got So a dream why is it you often said can You just put your finger out Oh money Money money money Cash dollar money That'll be nice to see us longer because I think you might have done me I think Quite a catch mad oh hey Just squeezed it past Young guy he did and it's more victories Today he like scores what matters but Guys going in first he's got 141 front Pinch

Oh it's gonna be short that wind I think Yeah that was hit really well but Never mind come on Rick if I can't Finish this round of golf without a Birdie I know I'm playing crap granted I get That but come on is there any need for That And that was a good shot That was actually a good really really Good golf shot Oh delicate stay there Yeah good shot lap from there I think I've got it I must have picked up a pack of faulty Balls Ah it wasn't just one they're all faulty Today All right for five Yes Good six What do you want to say I don't know Can I interview later on Sky Sports okay So um Rick you've just gone uh double Double Um you know how does that feel Uh you know I I did I followed my Process yep yeah yeah you know I really Tried to stick one shot at a time And just things didn't quite go my way And I've learned from it yeah but I Think you know what's important today is Not to let that affect the rest of your Round

Even I don't I'm convincing myself Absolutely it's like a dagger in the Heart right uh 12th old par three Beautiful looking hole I'm now four Shots back running out of time oh yeah Good news for you Bears tonight they're Gonna be loads of banter And they will tell you that I'm an L You're not sold I'm going home right I Need to get off the double bogey train Yeah trappy low Drury seven Um I thought I was in the bunker I must have landed here and run back and Luckily I mean it would think it would Have stopped anyway but I'm not in the Water Absolutely no green to work with back Into wind This is not a performance I wanted Oh Oh Ricky Foreign Oh my goodness Three double bogeys in a row Listen as much as this is a hard watch Imagine imagine being out here playing The way I'm playing Um 13th hole Par Four slight rest bites 350 yards slightly back into breeze Hopefully if you hit a good drive it's Just to flick into the green you know What my mission now and it's simple to Make a power on the back knife

I don't think I should be too ambitious Maybe even a bogey let's go for Bogey's First I've got for trying to make a Bogey on the bat nine listen this could Quite truly be my worst break 75 ever Ever Strike was good Get down It's not your day Give it a chance Foreign It's on the Green So as much as I want this round to end And the ground to swallow me up I've got this birdie putt Y It's a lot of light to make but I'm not Going to get too crazy Okay The best look at Power I've had For a very long time Oh my goodness Half eyes 488 yards so potential Dead straight How much wind should be helping us some Should be But yeah how's your vibe Same as last deal no I don't know Foreign Though okay driver I'm gonna try and hit It down that left side Should be okay I think it opens up a bit There

Not a clue I think it's in the right green side Trap Felt nice but didn't have a clue where It went That's out the toe but it's not Horrendous it's online yeah it's very Accurate I'll give it that Yeah maybe a bit short yeah it was Almost like there But it went straight so that's good Oh great shot Some pin High just in the bunker pin is On the very small section of the green But still we get on Oh my goodness Oh great shot come on come on yeah I got Effort Yes That's the first Power I've made in About 11 holes Ah This wasn't sure Really happy Yeah that's about it thank you Hole 16 Um nice looking hole of the tea they Have a dog leg laugh loads of traps We'll avoid them though Rick shall we've Just gotta chew a bit of the corner off On the left Should be perfect Oh that's Moneyball Should be good yeah that should be a one

Pin from memory this green slopes right To left So I think I've got to finish this I've Got to try and land this right at the Flag Now if I was playing confidently I'd Feel I'd feel quite good at that I'm not Quite sure Well it's going to end up that's the Plot right right on side of the flag Little gut wedge Not that far right not that far right That's gonna be Slippery I knew I wanted to be right at the flag But kind of here because it would have Taken that slow but I've left it on the Top side of that Hill It's gonna be so fast That's a great put Two bars in a row what the hell okay 17 Par five dog leg right Um If you can get it around the corner There's a chance to knock it on into I'm gonna try and hit a big a big slice Around the corner Is that a Big Slice that should be Amazing shouldn't it yeah Yeah that's great that so you sent it to The center I'm not going there with three whatever I have to go drive right you're gonna Hit the driver

Whatever Now last time I did this and actually Last week's episode on the 18th hole or Last episode it was absolutely terrible So it's even just slightly better That's crunched get there Oh that's an amazing golf shot that Couple of yards short Almost almost very good I think you've Landed on The Fairway it would have ran Up to the front of the green Great Shout Fantastic again just how that kind of it Didn't keep going I thought I was going To simmer Right This has been my best opportunity for a Birdie all day And I'm still Six foot away But At least it's a chance Foreign Crazy game Last hole Stop the torture Um it's a great hole as well it's Powerful right around the corner uh it's One of the mass massive greens it's like Three-tiered green from what I saw it Before it was on the back level And off the T here you've got to trust Because you've got to really hit it over The corner of these trees and it is a

Bit of a lottery because you've just got A kind of trust the yardage and smash it Over the trees so and you won't really Know where it is in the Fairway so you Get around the corner so I'm gonna go Hybrid Foreign Right second shot into the last hole I Thought I'd taken off too much around The corner but it's in a perfect little Spot my dream Would be to land it in the middle tier And let it run up to about two foot Knock it in for the birdie let's see What happens Hold your line Oh yeah it's nice that though it's nice Shot Chipping a pull I cannot seem to capture Break I do feel like I was a bit unlucky that I thought I'd hit a really good shot I'm Just off the side of the green Let's try and Chip it in Oh or in the perfect ending okay so These greens have been fast today as Rick's just proven then so my goal here As massage as it sounds not to hold it But just put it at least tapping Distance And there it is there it is Okay for a part on the last up the hill Oh okay Yeah good luck

Oh well done Thanks pal enjoyed that good God very Good golf course the golf wasn't great For me there was but never mind thanks For watching guys uh who knows what Happens for me but we'll even still have A Golf Channel maybe tiddlywinks we'll Try that next time