I get a lesson from the WORLDS BEST chipping coach! (Dan Grieve)

In this blog post, join me as I share the invaluable lessons I received from Dan Grieve, the world’s best chipping coach. Get ready to learn from the expert as we delve into the secrets of perfect chipping technique and gain insights from his wealth of experience. From his guidance, you’ll discover new methods and refine your skills to help you transform your game on the green. Let’s dive in and experience the world of great chipping with Dan Grieve!

I Get A Lesson From The WORLD’S BEST Chipping Coach! (Dan Grieve)


Being a golf enthusiast, you might have come across Rick Shiels, the famous YouTuber dedicated to golf. Rick Shiels has been running a YouTube channel where he offers golf club reviews, coaching videos, and entertaining golf content. However, like every golfer, Rick had his own set of struggles with his short game, especially chipping. To take his game to the next level, he decided to visit one of the best short game coaches, Dan Greaves. In this article, we will discuss Rick’s experience with Dan and see how he improved his technique and confidence.

The Lesson

Dan Greaves, known for his chipping coaching skills, had promised to make Rick’s chipping better in just a few hours of practice. Their first aim was to get to know each other, discussing Rick’s weak points and areas of the short game that he needed to focus on. Dan also shared the importance of practice and patience in golf and explained how one should have a proper game plan before hitting each shot.

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Basic Chip Shots

Rick got a better understanding of the basics of chip shots, including how to position and balance the body, how to grip the club, and how to address the ball. To get the right chip shot, one needs to have a good stance and body placement. It’s important to keep the weight distribution even and to make sure the torso rotates smoothly, maintaining the right posture. Dan showed Rick some visual aids that could help him understand better.

Exploring Different Clubs And Techniques

During the lesson, they also explored different clubs and techniques for chipping. Dan gave Rick some insights into how different clubs could be used for different shots and different situations on the course. For instance, sometimes, choosing to putt instead of chip is a better option. Dan taught Rick how to read the green effectively, so he could make the right decisions and get closer to the hole.

Adapting To Different Shots

One of the most important things that Rick learned from Dan was to adapt to each shot and to read the situation and the lie of the ball. Dan took Rick through a series of scenarios which helped him to understand how to decide on which shot to play and how to hit them with the right technique.

The Result

The lesson worked wonders for Rick’s short game, and he left the practice more confident. His understanding of the short game had significantly improved. Rick’s chipping skills became more consistent, and his balls were getting closer to the hole. He also found his swing to be more natural and casual, reducing the need for effort. Rick’s learning curve had been steep, and he was excited to test his improved short game skills in his next tournament.

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If you feel like your chipping skills are not up to the mark, go get some help. There’s no shame in admitting that you need to work on your skills and get better. Like Rick Shiels, there are experts like Dan Greaves who can help you in perfecting your chipping technique. It’s essential to understand the basics, follow a proper game plan, and adapt to the situation to get more consistent and confident in your chipping shots.


  1. How important is a proper game plan in golf?
    Ans: A proper game plan is crucial in golf. It helps you understand the course better, plan your shots, and make better decisions to improve your game.

  2. How can visual aids help in learning golf?
    Ans: Visual aids can provide better clarity and can help you understand the technique better. They can also help you remember the instructions and implement them when playing.

  3. How can one become a better chipping golfer?
    Ans: To become a better chipping golfer, you need to practice with determination, understand the basic techniques of chipping, explore different clubs and techniques, adapt to each shot, and seek professional help, if needed.

  4. Is chipping a difficult skill to master?
    Ans: Chipping requires some skill and practice. However, with proper guidance and dedication, one can improve their chipping technique and get more consistent with their shots.

  5. What can one do to manage their frustration in golf?
    Ans: Managing frustration in golf can be challenging, but focusing on breathing, taking breaks in between, seeking guidance, and practicing more can help in reducing stress and frustration significantly.