I gave a PRO GOLFER cash £££ for every birdie! (Very EASY Course)


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Have you ever wondered what tour pro Would shoot around their home course how Many birdies they would make how many Course records they've set well today We're gonna find out I'm down here at Sandy Way Golf Club here in Cheshire and I'm joined by Rhys Nevin now Reese is a New tour pro he plays on the Euro Pro Tour currently and he turned Pro last Year off plus six this is his home Course he grew up playing here and he Currently holds the course record of Seven under par now today I've got a fun Challenge for reading batteries come on Over here okay we've just had race on The podcast And he's prepared to take some cash off Mittens we've agreed a nice simple Challenge every time you make a birdie I Will give you 100 pounds cash show me The money if you make an eagle you get 200 hundred pounds okay pars and Bogies Do not matter now the 63 you had around Here included six birdies and an eagle Okay now if you did that today you'd be Taking a total off me of 800 pound okay Good days work so let's see what happens You know what the best thing is as well We'll let Reese play off the normal Members tees the yellow T's which are Here at Sandy way is a 6 000 yard golf Course par 70. Realistically Right now

How much how many birdies do you think You're gonna make Uh you've made it sound quite easy so I'd say if I don't make five or six I'll Be disappointed five or six now also I've got a little twist to come as well We'll tell you that maybe on the first Green Um without further Ado you're warmed up You're ready to go right ready I'm I'm Loving today I'm not playing any golf I'm wrapped up in my nice big coat I've Brought out a wedge just so I've got Something to hold and hopefully we're Gonna see you make ridiculous amounts of Birdies Let's Do It Good Luck play well Enjoy cheers this is gonna be really Interesting I want to see birdies I do I Think it'll be a fun video Um I reckon you can get five or six and Maybe I mean if we threw it in the eagle That'd be epic and you know what's fun Doesn't matter if he has a bow gear or a Double bogey I'll lose the golf ball he Just doesn't earn money on that hole Reese get that three wood back in the Bag he's got to be attacking today you Got a good strategy yeah you got to Attack him I know this course better Than Europe I've never played this all right okay Okay okay Right let's get going then three would Three wood for safety on the first

Doesn't want to win any money today Right Let's try and make some birdies I hope Rick has got a lot of money Yes race What's that What'd you think about three wood now That is I literally 81 position I'm gonna keep This I'm not giving him any advice Around here today what a ball what a Ball best holes to get a birdie on are Two and four which so that'll allow me To get off to a good start they're both Par fives Um I think the middle part of this Course 10 11 12 and 14 are kind of Tricky holes but we're going for birdies So we're not worried about the bogeys if They come it's a strange one today Because the better restores the more It's gonna cost me money but I also Really want him to do well like it's a Really nice lad we've just done on the Podcast actually today it's going to be Already out check it out and the tour That he's currently playing on the Europe Pro Tour is actually closed down All of a sudden just closed so his Future's a little bit kind of up in the Air to be really nice to give him a Little boost the end of the year I'd Love him genuinely would love him to Make six seven birdies today

Let's hope he does if he doesn't I'll Save a bit of money but we're all Rooting for him I've got a 133 yards Um this shot plays a bit uphill okay so I'll say 136 yards we've got a back pin The wind is into off the left okay so I'm thinking it's playing closer to 140 And I'm gonna hit a little 99 love it Love it Come on let's start strong reefs let's Make birdies from the off Should we go for distance with a little Bit left Stays on the green there's a slope there Oh is it that brings it in oh well there You go Happy Days Okay so Reese is pretty confident there That That should be left himself a good port To me it looked like he was going left Can't see it yet Rhys You're making me nervous now can't see Yeah pal oh hello Oh look at that a little 15 footer on The first very good right I did mention Earlier as well on the first two there's A bit of a Twist yep it's quite simple Getting this round of golf and we have Three mulligans okay but each Mulligan Is going to cost you 50 pounds okay so If you if you missed this one you can Have it again but it's going to cost you 50 Quid it might be a worthwhile Investment or we could be finishing this

Round you only mean money yeah I could Be down Come on Reese for Birdie on the first Oh this would be a nice one to get it Really has started wasn't it Oh I'm guessing you're not taking a Mulligan on that one no okay it's a bit Early for Mulligan's first hole No birdies So 156 Uh this plays a little bit downhill and Going off the wind on the first hole We should have a little bit of help so I'm gonna hit a nine iron Hopefully close okay just quick one this Is temporary hole the fifth is actually Out of action so they put this in to Make an 18 hole golf course still a Little change of plan we're going for a Little little late instead okay Oh that looks so good Beauty yep we don't mind those let's try And uh hit the hole on this one Perfect distance again I'm going to act As Chief flag Holder you're doing a good job they're Right to left in this a little bit yeah It's going to kick kick very late as Well yeah really starts to Slope good speed and let the slope do The work yeah to open the account Break oh Give it a bit too much respect a little

Bit hard done by there yeah Oh the Paw two holes no birdies yet Giving ourselves chances though we need To keep doing that that's it if you hit Every shot to that all day they'll start Dropping you'll make plenty of birdies There's no fear about that So technically the third hole the second On the score card 499 yard par five Slight double leg to the right drivers Out and really we should be printing Money on holes like this Come on Rhys yep it's tight tight drive And a bit of a dog leg left to right it Is a tight yeah It wouldn't be my favorite to hit Foreign That's a little naughty one that's the Fairway finder that's a little low Bullety fade very nice well done I've Got two 213 And it's playing slightly into wind and Uphill so Thinking of four iron Oh a little bit outright there Rhys Miss that bunker okay we've still got a Smaller gun No no Mulligan we've got a shot uh We've got a good angle into that pin From there although that wasn't a great Shot we've already still on the cards so Walking to the green here Recently got about 40 hours to be fair But what's interesting here the pin's

Very much left And he's got to play attack if he's got To be quite aggressive here Anything beyond this pin looked like It's going to go down this bank and far Away So it's got to play aggressive but also Quite smart I think he's got the skills to get us up And down I'd like to see him make some Birdies now early days That I can use to uh Recognize one or two he could make eight Today this is a tricky one because the Pin is So close to the edge that if I come up a Bit short and they were trying to be Aggressive but I came up a bit short I'd Rather that than Um Being too aggressive and having to chip Had I think a 15 footer on the on the Green is better always better than the Chips Go a bit go a bit go a bit go a bit Such a good strike It actually dug its teeth in a bit too Quick it'd be nice to roll in this one And get on the board early and Take some of Rick's money What do you think Rick Are we holding this one I think you Should have missed it closer Yeah I think I fancy this one yeah I

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Don't see the last slope in it maybe a Little bit right to left if anything but It looks like it really straightens at The end yeah Slightly downhill third hole third Attempt at birdie can we get some cash In the bank for Reese Roll Slipped Away slipped away I was so Straight Ah another part another holes in You're staying tight-lipped three holes And birdie Lush I feel like Reese uh Big disappoint on that hole that was That from where he was off to see Should have been dirty should have cut a Wooder three holes in no birdies yet Thank you Uh we're on the fourth hole and it's Part three we have 174 to the flag it's A little bit downhill And The wind is into so You need a good shot here and give us Another chance and one will drop soon What are you going with Reese I've got a six iron okay it's hard to Pick up in amongst the trees the wind But I think we have a little bit of hair I'd say it's playing closer to 180 okay Um the pins on the left so We're trying to be aggressive but Somewhere near that tree Behind the Green I think so good pin high right

It'd be a good place good Target yeah Oh this looks really good This looks really good I look good in the air it really did it Really looks good now mate yeah it's About 10 foot short okay so even though Reese hasn't made birdie yet he's this Is his fourth attempt Probably longest one so far from that 20 Foot this one He's given himself a chance on every Single hole like without question some Of these are going to drop Is that it's kind of just warming Himself into the round it just goes to Show how good these guys are like I have To look at this golf course I'd be Delight if I'd made three powers in a Row I feel like Reese is a little bit Disheartened by making 3 000 in a row Right so it was one of those ones where It looked closer from the teeth But it's a chance still come on positive Vibes Good roll good roll oh We're on the board we are off everyone In that was class late I never looked Anywhere else Rhys 100 pounds in the Bank And I feel like once he gets warm it's Gonna be a tidal wave of birdies Fifth hour par five driver is out Oh so good That's good though I think we're past

The trees second shot into our fifth Hole we have 152 and we have a front Flag This would be a good good Eagle chance If we could not one close we'll say Making light work of this par five after That t-shirt Are you gonna hit like an eyeline It's downwind so it might might be a Wedge out the rough and get it get the Job Be good be really good Looking good Right here we go reeks does it driver Pitching wedge into this par five and He's left himself a little a little 12 Putter for the Big Bird the eagle She's worth 200 pounds and he's got Decision to make here as well if this Doesn't drop does he mow the gun and go For it again it's going to cost him 50 Quid but it might be worth it I think You've got to make the decision before You move I want you for today so we know Exactly where the ball should be But we're seeing a little bit downhill Downhill right Edge yeah I mean I don't Know I was thinking it was up here left To right but nothing downhill you give Me some dodgy reads those first few Holes It's all part of the plug my friend for Eagle and to go 300 pounds in profit come on Rhys

What are you doing I'm gonna do that Again you're having a mulligan yeah okay So that's going to cost him 50 pounds So if he holds this Still 150 pound on this hole who misses It he's only making 50 Quid because I'm Guessing he's going to tap it in for Birdie right not her not happy with that One actually that's low all the way the Current leader I've only got 50 pounds In the bank But that could change very quickly Retake for the eagle Looking good Looking good What did I say on the first don't leave It short But yeah don't leave it Somehow You've only just take you've only taken 50 pounds off slightly there got off Lightly that's not good new Total 150 Pounds but it could have been 300 Ouch so we're on hole number six and It's part three 155. we have a similar Number to what we had on the last hole But because I'm not from the rough Um I think it's not gonna obviously We're not gonna get that jumper so I'm Going with 99. Draw a bit draw a bit oh it is oh it is We'll spin that's all right uh tour 15 To 20 foot away yeah a bit further not Bad I feel like we uh we let Rick off

Lightly on that last hole so it'd be Nice to uh get this one in from Rhys got Three birdies in a row Oh it's right it's right all day long Ah I'm guessing that's just a a path There's a paw but they count for nothing Today they nada zilch Seventh hole Par Four 391 Reese's gonna Go three wood and I'm not gonna argue With him You tell me uh it's a little bit right But there is it opens up over there okay Good got a bit of tree trouble here uh I've got 122 yards And It's wherever we go over or around I'm Thinking because it's so short we're not Going to be able to uh move the ball as Much as we need to from left to right so I'm thinking we go we go up okay Reese Has got a testing a little shot here Into the seventh green it's just blocked Out by some trees I'm up on the green The pins tucked in the right corner he's Almost got to like cut like hit a big Letter right shot with it probably a 50 Degree A gap wrench I mean on the green would be an Achievement here never mind close enough To make birthday but he's got skills This is looking good but I think it's a Bit short We're putting

It might be a bit further away than We've had the last few holes but It's another chance to take some of Rick's money so we can't complain too Much so probably 50 or 60 feet here if I was in the Tournament I'd be more worried I'd be very worried About to put in it just thinking about Getting a good Pace but The challenge that we're playing I'm Going to give this a run and if it runs Past then it's fine but hopefully it Smashes into the flag and goes in Oh Rhys Line and speed race line and speed Cannot leave those put short Eco par 4 drivable Reese is telling me Even though it doesn't look drivable 320 Odd yards Got a bit down Breeze and bouncy Fairways Reese is going to give it a Whack come on let's get it a little Drawery straight at it a little fade What's the shot I'm gonna aim at that Bunker and if the wind pushes it to the Left then we should be in good shape Okay come on we need some more birdie Sauce now Wind It's drain out a little bit I didn't Catch all that one Yeah it could be what 50 yards short Opportunity to get up and down from

There right Reese good layup yep good Position yep We've got 46 yards And So far the flag's been pretty close to The edges haven't they but this one's a Nicer one so okay Looking to stick this close Oh oh bad little bounce Didn't expect that bounce that was very Bizarre but But you're in that you're in that danger Zone that you like at 15 feet I feel Like the putters has to warm up soon So That would be a good time this looks so Straight the cup is telling me it's tiny Bit left but the majority I don't think It's it's not outside the hole it's Super straight come on let's get some More cash in the bank Reese Drop yes baby come on oh well done we Needed that one that was class very good Eight holes Reese 250 pound in the bank Nice hole Reese has made three birdies 300 pounds but it's 50 pound really good It means he's got 250 pounds in the bank Par Four it blind tee shot reach you Explain it it's blind t-shirt Um off this side of the tee it's right Over that marker person will be we Should have a wedge in okay let's do it See if we finish the front nine with a

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Little bit more cash in the bank I'm guessing good all right rough yeah Right right side okay whether it's in The ruffle Fairways 50 50. well Reeves This was quite literally a perfect T-shirt Yeah we've got a good angle into this uh I love our flipping ears Why did you expect anything else no not Like that but we We've got a good angle into this flag as Well good angle Um 60 yards in flags at the front there So we're gonna have to stop it pretty Quick yeah Green's receptive enough Green looks like it slopes back towards It as well yeah all right come on Rhys Bird did last Let's finish this front nine with one More birdie It's been hard Spin out Lovely lovely shot thank you happy with That oh uh the dis I'm happy with the Distance I shouldn't shouldn't be Pulling them up by that much I don't Think yeah yeah it's quite a bad shot You know terrible right Rhys yeah A little slippery one I feel a lot of The puts today have been right to left Haven't they This one's a bit left to right left to Right downhill these putts are made A lot nicer when you're only thinking

About hauling it yeah if the greens are Fast and you leave yourself four feet Then it's like I think I think we're on To a format here I really do a little Slippery one down the hill fourth birdie Of the front line Go I don't know what you're doing before You move You're not redoing you're not moving No no no okay the uh the back nine Slightly tougher so I think the Mulligans will work better on the on the Back line well quick summary Nine holes played three birdies made one Mulligan taken cost 50 pounds so total At the moment front nine you've got 200 Pound 250 pounds 50 pounds yeah happy With that so far I think you you're happier than me Um but I'm happy with how I'm hitting it Giving ourselves lots of chances and Should be a good back now my bird is Coming more Birdie's coming I fear they Are I fear they are Tenth hole 455 yards past four back into A slight breeze blind t-shirt and then Sweep to the left uh interesting choice Of Club often see here Reese yep four Iron So less go for it prove me wrong It's good yeah we'll have a long way in But there's you're gonna always have a Long way on this hole it's total if you

Do hit driver there's nowhere to hit it Um like the the roof Cuts in on the Middle and the on The Fairway is sloping Really big from left to right so you Won't hold the Fairway anyway so uh That's the reason why the foreign We've got 217 up the hill Wind a bit hurting I think if I Give myself anything on the green or a Good chip for birdie yeah I'll be he'll Be happy but like what we were saying at The start 10 11 12 14 and the tough Stretch yeah I'm gonna go with I'm gonna go hybrid if I hit four iron I Think we're coming up short so you know We've got to get up there Wind no God No good Go wow that's a tough second chance to Fall so all or nothing on this one we've Got to give it a go not in great Position for birdie but you never know Um Rick do you want to attend the flag Come on lock in Oh race Never up pal no tenko no birdie made Okay 11th hole par three down the hill 198 yards the pin is as far back as you Can get this pin on this hole we're Gonna go with I've got five okay come on That last hole was tough this and the Necks are quite challenging so

Any birdie would be a little Brucey Bonus yep I'll stay that ball That's really good pin High good luck Reach distance away 15 foot 20 foot Max Very very nice shot you liking a look at This Yeah I'm liking the look we've had plenty of Practice so fast this would be a great Little bird down this hole Stay there stay there Oh I really wanted that one oh These three holes would be would have Been nice to pick one up that was so Close I'm so close good effort pal So we're on hole 12 here uh it's 405 Yards and it's semi-blind tea shop uh Fairway slopes from Left Right but we're Going with driver and should have a Wedging Good the Fairway finder again got 115 Playing I'd say two or three yards up the hill Um And the wind should be Just off the right so I think it's I Think if we hit a 115 shot should be on The money Go a bit We're good really good right Rhys this Is the arguably the best chunks you've Had

Um closest one isn't it yeah by the par Five where you're tapping birdie yeah if We like the word shot in let's follow it Up with a good putt yeah come on Yes tried to miss at the end didn't it You know what as well that was a great Birdie really good another 100 pounds About halfway add a little wobble yeah That stayed on track 350 pounds four birdies made one mother Can take and plenty of holes left to go Foreign We've got 133 yards on the 13th hole Um Got another pitching wedge we've made Two birdies with this club already so It's probably the best club today so Let's hope we'll see if we can sit this One close the wind's just changed so I Might not be hitting which we're Switching to nine iron so we've got 133 I think it's playing closer to 140. so We're going to hit a little little 99 Quite a bit That's it it's been too much longer long Yeah just Thought off the back okay is it Mulligan Time Cost you 50 Quid no not on the shot now So Reese after just hitting his uh Approach shot into his par three A grand total of eight inches over the Back of the green He's got an opportunity here still good

Luck at burger here still I feel like I Haven't stole any of you today it'd be Nice to like roll a long one oh okay No I know what you mean though you've Not you've not hold any snakes yet Rhys With another great look at birdie Can he roll one in It's on its way it's low it's terrible It's Miss left all day long Yeah it did Miss left all day long No birdie there Like I'm starting to like switch my Lights a little bit before I started Around I was like go risk go a reason Now like I'm glad he's missing now it's Cost me too much money now we've got More holes to go plenty more birdies Potentially on the cards Foreign Is a long path four but you can cut Quite a lot of the corner off Um although it's out of bounds but we're Taking the aggressive line over the Corner and try and give ourselves a Wedging I'm guessing that's perfect I like that One Beautiful and didn't hear it hit any Trees either so that's good we've got 70 Yards to a front pin here so If anything were a little bit close or Closer than I wanted to be but we should Be able to still stop it in time I think that's really good is it it's

Good it will have an uphill putt from There it's very close to Rolling back I Didn't think I was going to get there Good luck here I know come on this is a Really good opportunity I thought with Holes running out as well if this Doesn't drop I think you'd fancy another go at this One for a cost for a price that is yeah We'll uh think about hauling it first I Was gonna say I know that's not what You're thinking Foreign I like that putt as well being taken That that means 50 pounds I was happy With that put as well Gets taken off the total But if you hold this he gets 100 back Oh my god oh race you just give me 50 Pound bags So no birdie and now even though you've Made four birdies you've had two Milligans and it means you've now only Got 300 in the bank that one does hurt Okay 15th path four down the hill 350 Yards yeah I thought there might be some Venom in this t-shirt yeah it's a tricky One because If I get too aggressive it it could be In a bunker or trees okay and I still Need to keep giving myself chances so It's finding a balance between Aggressive Golf and stupid golf Yeah

Beauty thank you That is perfect We've got 81 yards in um And after that last hole feeling pretty Pretty disappointed but I couldn't ask For a better hole to bounce back on and Um I think we need at least two birdies On these last few holes to make it Acceptable and I know you guys want me To take some more of Rick's money so Let's do it okay so Reese's just got a Little flick into this green here I Think you'll be very disappointed about That last hole I reckon he's got a Chance a couple of birdies coming home He could easily squeeze 500 pound out of Me Oh it looks phenomenal it looks Phenomenal go in So good Phenomenal Great shot it's a kicking birdie I'm glad I came down here to watch that Because that was something special well Reeves that was phenomenal good bounce Back very well yeah it's like how our Chickens just yet yeah No hopefully this is nice easy tapping Birdie to get you to 400 pound with Three holes to go I'm good good from that distance Phenomenal well done mate great bounce Back 5 30 is made two milligans used 400

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Pound in the bank 16th hole par five I'm starting to worry I've not brought Enough cash uh 400 pound in the bank for Reese at the moment Um it's a short one as well it's under 500 yards off this tee but we're saving Grace as it gets to the peak of that Hill it tightens up Perfect t-shirt required I feel it is a Tough t-shirt so probably one of the Toughest ones on the course if you're Hitting driver and taking it on okay I See it 'll be good It'll be good it'll be good it's Clinging on to that right Edge But I think with a nice little hop skip And a jump I think he threw safely I Think we'll be okay look at that you've Got a little look at this little smile That's going on right now eh okay Second Chance is part five Reese left himself a Great angle into the pin it's not going To be long this is it 160. 180. all right okay 180 front pin Um but it's a par five so it's helping Wind On the green and two port and he banks Himself another 100 pounds on the green And one port Big bucks and big brother took his eyes Lail we're gonna go with seven 180. Um there's this little down slope on the Front of the green as well that'll be

Um if I pitch it anywhere around that It'll roll onto the flag so I'm thinking Thinking eight okay Foreign Big push right Oh Oh What do you think here It's tricky because I'm not sure how It's how it's lying up there Gotta make the call now you've got one More Mulligan left it's going to cost You 50 Quid But if that means knock it on the Green In one port Going for it last Mulligan being used Last Mulligan last Mulligan being used Hopefully we can mix it we can make this One count as well they're the ones we Haven't made count them all again you've Made it count for me you can only count For yourself yeah right Last Mulligans that means right now We're taking another 50 pound out the Pot which is back to 350. but It means he could bank if he hits a Better shot into screen Looking more promising but still not Yeah Effect go looks like he's on the green Just just miles away just miles away but If you're too potted you could still Come out this hole in profit Iffy two pots that was a weird Two Shots

There we've not seen a single mistake After each really all the way around and Those two shots were not his best so Actually looking at this I think that Was the right decision come come So Reese's first shot After he pushed it right it's hit this Hard stuff And it's rolled right down to here Horrible lie Full of acorns and an almost impossible Up and down from there really to make Birdie So I think easy to say now but he made The right decision because his Mulligan Which he hit For the cost of 50 pounds Is on the green pin high with half a Chance slim chance granted of Eagle but You'd like to think he's going to two Put it for birdie okay Rhys Right decision there pal right decision Yeah it's weird going from Every port you look at Just attack attack and now I'm in a Situation where you know bear the two Put in mind but two put math two puts Mata here This would be a naughty eagle With that mother good it would be It's looking good has it got the legs How's it got the legs no And that isn't easy That's Not Dead Yet Pal it's not dead a few of those longer

Ones coming up short a lot today I'll be Honest with you though you're gonna have To put outside 15 feet very often so I Understand why those long ones are a bit Challenging for you okay for birdie But still to take profit on this hole Right in the middle you've got it Well Done pal it's another birdie Use the Mulligan very nicely at least One of them well at least okay Okay so we've got two holes left to play Reese has made six birdies Today's round but you've used three of His Mulligans so right now he's got a Net profit 450 pounds Can he get over that 500 pound Mark I Think he could because this holds his Drivable Par Four and the last of the Par three You're going for it we're going for it Glossy is Probably like to hear I'm going for it Cut off straight over the tree my normal Shape is a cut so I'm probably aiming at Those left green side bunkers Let It Fade but yeah over the tree Uh should be able to do it with this This helping wind yeah like what 280 Yard carry yep Oh this looks phenomenal go Oh my Goodness that could be close Honestly

That just come here for a second I Noticed his plaque before to commemorate A hole in one achieved by Adam Powell Who knows there might be a second plaque Needed here soon because that locked Outrageously close to the flag I'm not Itching to go but I don't know I was racing at least be Close Oh it's on the green but it's not in the Hull So it's literally pit here And it's finished there directly behind The flag I must have had a look in but It went not today so just to remind you Rhys I'm sure you've not forget but to Remind the audience Eagles are worth 200 Pounds yeah okay how how do you feel About this Listen if you make an eagle I'm Delighted if you've made a hole in my Other videos But yeah no honestly I would love to see This drop in the hole yeah me too you Like the look of it I do like the look Of it yeah So I am here ready to pick the ball out The hole okay And again don't forget you can't race it Too far past because a bird is bird is Still very important Good speed break can't break Lovely roll I like a good put

Yeah A little three-footer for birdie Very nice good changing Pockets of bulging so remember that's Seven birdies with three mulligans net Profit 550 pounds right last hole We've got 550 pounds in the pocket par Three to finish what's the yardage 170 170 to finish we're slightly down wind Is down I've got an eight iron I think Should be quite a good number to Be nice to finish with four birdies It would yeah oh yeah you've got flies On these last few holes haven't you Right come on then let's finish in style You deserve it so you play some great Golf Gotta go about field that's it we've got The distance you've been gone all day Or a little bit shy Be nice to take some Just One Last lot Of 100 off Rick right at the end here Because I know a lot of you guys will be Really happy with that so This would be a nice one Reese yep You're money for today he spends You've done amazing here it's 550 pounds Okay that is yours Right there thank you thanks for today I Think before you've held this pot thanks For today I've got 100 pound left yep If You Can Box this okay you're welcome You've played amazing thank you for

Being on the channel guys if you enjoyed This video make sure you smash like be Sure to subscribe those are really cool Videos coming soon be sure to check out Rhys on all this social media and good Luck for the rest of the season and into Next year he's made 550 pounds a day can You make 100 pound more come on Reese Everyone wants to see it drop in for his Eighth birdie of the day Give it a good run he's given a great Run oh I'm gonna keep that that's pocket that Spend your money for home cheers Honestly you did amazing today thank you Seven birdies if you've ever wondered What tour professional can shoot around Their own Golf Course Or you see it uh ridiculous amounts of Birdies and uh your 500 pounds 550 pound Better off yeah sorry Rick it made for a Great video we'll see you next time Peace