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Three Guaranteed Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

There is more involved in improving your golf swing than working on the mechanics of the golf swing. In fact some people make golf too complicated. They focus on every position and angle and very quickly suffer from what has been call paralysis by analysis. This article will present three ideas which if acted upon cannot help but improve your golf swing…

Simple But Effective Golf Tips For Beginners

One of the great things about golf is that virtually anybody can play the game young or old. If you are just starting or thinking about taking up the game there are definitely some things you should know before you head out on the course. This article will provide a number of useful golf tips for beginners…

The Easiest Way To Get Your Golf Swing On Plane

If you are taking the time to read this article you are either already aware of the importance of getting your golf swing on plane or you are curious as to exactly what this plane talk is all about. For the latter group the plane of the golf swing is essentially the path traced by the golf shaft all the way from address to finish. Think of a plane as say a sheet of paper. A horizontal plane would be if it were laying on a table while a holding it straight up and down would be a vertical plane. The golf swing plane is somewhere in the middle – a taller player should have a more vertical or upright swing while shorter players should have a more horizontal or flat swing.

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Golf GPS Systems – Choosing the Right One

Golf GPS systems dot golf courses everywhere. They are awesome tools to help you improve your game, keep track of stats and scores, and give you a bird’s eye view of the course you are playing. Some great names make GPS Systems- Garmin, Calloway, Golf Buddy, Golf Logix, just to name a few. So how do you choose the right golf GPS system?

Will Tiger Woods Be a Major Force in 2011?

Will Tiger return to maul the competition? After a less than fluid start to the year, it is his wayward drives which seem to be troubling scoreboards rather than the barrage of birdies we are used to. 2011 will no doubt be a pivotal year in measuring as to whether or not Tiger can return to his mantle as the most feared golfer on the planet.

5 Killer Golf Chipping Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

Chipping is one of the most overlooked parts of golfing. Golfers usually neglect this part and end up losing strokes because of poor chip shots.

Golf Buddy Pro – Do You Recommend It?

If you look at the reviews from golf pros on Amazon.com, the Golf Buddy Pro GPS gets a consistent 4.5 stars. That’s pretty good, because these are the people who have bought them, tried them out on real courses and decided to write about their experiences. What did the reviews have to say?

Golf Buddy GPS – Is It Worth The Money?

The Golf Buddy GPS retails for about $289.99USD or for around $231 on Amazon.com. That makes it a bit cheaper than some of the other golf GPS systems out there on the market. But, is it worth the price you pay or are you getting less for your money?

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Golf Trolley Batteries – Care and Maintenance Tips

Electric golf trolley battery life depends on the number of golf rounds played and a host of other factors. Following is some information about factors affecting golf trolley battery life and tips about taking better care of your golf trolley battery.

Searching for the Perfect Golf Swing: Practice Approach Shots

Many golfers consider the approach shot too boring to practice.  After all how does learning how to hit a 78 yard lob wedge to within 3 feet help find that perfect golf swing?

Types of Gear for Wet Season Golfing

A true golfer doesn’t let sun or rain stop him from enjoying the game he loves. When the sun is out, players won’t have much problems with their golf apparel. The regular collared shirts, slacks and visors or shades are usually enough. However, during rains and windy conditions, these do not offer enough protection against the elements. You will need to have waterproof, rainproof and windproof gear that allow you to play even under the most unsuitable playing conditions.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Golf Game

Before you go to a golf course, it’s important that you are in the mood to play the game. Even if you’re already physically prepared to play a round, but aren’t up to it mentally, you’re going to make a lot of errors in your shots that will inevitably result to higher scores. Besides the frustration you’re going to feel, you’re going to miss out the whole purpose of a game, that is, you play it for enjoyment and relaxation. How do you prep yourself up for a golf game?

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