I can’t believe Ping have made a CHIPPER! (Is it a game changer)

Swinging Like A Pro With Cheap Golf Clubs

Golf is an expensive habit to maintain. Coupled with costly club membership fees, the game is normally out of the reach of the general public with the exception of those working as caddies.

Callaway uPro Golf GPS Review

One of the best golf GPS systems available is the Callaway uPro GPS and we will break down the pros and cons of this particular golf GPS. Read on to see if it is the one for you.

Indoor Golf Course – Visit a Golf Dome

Yes, the snow is in the air, temperatures falling, and getting back on the links seems a lifetime off. So for depressed golfers like me all over the Greater Chicago area our only hope for a mood modification is indoor golf near Chicago. There are bargains to be found on golf vacation packages, but one long weekend of golf will not get you through a protracted, cold winter.

Tips on Golf Swings – Golf Lessons

Although taking golf lessons seems to be one of the most expensive lessons as far as sports are concerned, the learner reaps a lot in several ways. The main aim of getting the proper lessons is to improve in the playing of golf thereby increasing the skills and becoming a professional golf player. The learning is time consuming and enough money is needed to undertake it.

The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing – A Review

One controversial topic gripping the golf world as we head into the 2011 season is the Stack and Tilt golf swing. Now that Tiger Woods is receiving instruction from Stack and Tilt disciple Sean Foley, the model and its developers, Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett are under even more scrutiny. The result is a healthy debate about golf instruction.

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Understanding How to Be a Good Golf Player

It is said that golf is only for wealthy people. We have the mentality that only those people who have money can afford to play and enjoy this sport. However, even if you do not belong to the wealthy bracket, you can still enjoy the sport, usually as one of the spectators. Nevertheless, being a mere spectator does not mean you have no chance to play golf, you can even excel in it and could follow the footsteps of some of the great golf players.

Few Tried and True Golf Practice Drills

Golf practice drills to improve your golf game on the golf course. All the practice drills are tried by expert golfers and they also recommend such useful golf practice drills.

Effective Golf Tips On How To Improve Your Golf Swing – Part 1

If you are like most golfers, you are always looking for ways to improve your golf swing. When it comes to golf, there is always room for improvement but the one thing that every golfer is always looking to improve the most, is their swing. This is part 1 of this two part article series on how to improve your golf swing.

All The Things About Golf

Before the golf of sport was recognized worldwide and different tournaments were made, it was believed to be rooted in the country of Scotland with the St. Andrew golf course as the venue for the very first ever golf game played and considered by many as the Home of Golf. The sport of Golf first originated during the sixteenth century over four hundred years ago. It has been shown on past researches that the very first round of golf’s ever played that was considered official were played dates back on the year 1577.

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Why Face-On Putting Will Work For You

Learn why Face-On putting will help you quickly improve your putting. Understand the inherent advantages of the Face-On putting style and what features a Face-On putter should have for best results.

Putting Strategy: Charge or Die?

Over the years, golf philosophers have debated whether a player should charge putts toward the hole or knock them gently up to the cup. Both styles have their advocates with strong records on the green. What should you do? The answer is easy: both.

Golf Strategy For the First Three Holes: Attack!

Everyone who plays golf wants to shoot a good score. Raise your hand if you want to shoot a bad one. I thought so. I guess I’m right about one thing. But here’s another thing I’m right about. Your scores on the first hole, and the second, and the third, count just as much as the scores on all the rest of the holes. So why not play your best from the very start?

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