I bought the new Costco Golf clubs & I’m SHOCKED!


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As you can see from the title I have Been hammering my Costco membership card Again you guys have told me there's a Set of clubs out there that I have to Buy now after visiting many stores they Were sold out everywhere a few weeks Later they've come back in stock and I've bought a set now I've got to be Honest I'm outrageously impressed Already if I haven't even opened the box Yet because these golf clubs for what They include for the price might just Well be the best valued golf clubs ever Made Foreign S now I've reviewed Packy sets before I Have but what you get in this package Set is quite incredible but first off Let me tell you about the brand McGregor If you've been into golf for a while you Know that brand it's one of the oldest Golf manufacturers from the USA formed In 1897 100 years before tiger and the Masters and a McGregor golf clubs have Been used to win 59 major tournaments as The only second place to Wilson so these Golf clubs have had history Heritage However it's not all been Rosy over the Last 15 20 30 years McGregor have gone a Little bit downhill Now they're owned by Dick Sporting Goods And they're bringing out package sets Like this but does that mean that the Quality is dipped does that mean these

Are going to be terrible or are they Going to be as good as quality as these Golf clubs were winning Mages many years Ago now before I open this box and see What the golf clubs look like who are They aim for well in my opinion these Are aimed for almost a brand new golfer Or even a non-golfer that wants to get Into the game who wants to own their own Golf clubs these clubs might be right up Their street and it might be a friend a Work colleague a partner who wants to Get into the game or 300 pound Mac just Be the perfect entry price point because As you know you know I mean golf has got So expensive it's got a bad rep you Can't pick up a brand new premium driver For less than 500 pound now now if this Set is good And this set is going to work just Perfectly for that new golfer that I'm All for it if it means a better entry Level to get into this game right let's Open it up and find out what it's all Involving and let's get testing them out Just a quick note and I'm sure it's Obvious I went into Costco and bought These golf clubs myself this is not a Paid sponsorship from Costco if they're Rubbish I will tell you okay Okay so all unboxed all unpackaged and I've got to say I'm impressed there's Some good and there's some bad the good For the price these irons look more than

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Adequate Like they actually look very nice They're not granted the same quality or Perfect looks of a 900 pound TaylorMade Iron they're just not there's a couple Little paints blodges where they've just Run over the line they're not the most Perfect looking iron in the world and Cut a couple of the grapes not all of Them are not on dead straight but Overall considering in this set you get A driver Which actually does look very good I Actually think this is probably the best Looking Club in the bag it's kind of Blacked out fully blacked out head Blacked out matte top really nice shiny Black face I mean it does look really Good that club but continue to get a Driver three or two hybrids five iron Down to Sand Wedge which I'm very happy It's got a nice lofty Club in there and A mallet putter which again looks very Good I would definitely say that full Set including the bag looks more than 300 pounds so I mean if you showed that To 100 people I reckon people would Guess that's much more comfortably over 500 pounds and I've also had a closer Look at the bag I am really impressed with a couple of Handles here one that makes it nice and Easy to carry one that makes it easy to Put the stand down and a couple extra

Ones here like it's got loads of pockets A big one that you'd expect which I'll Put the rain cover in now and even this One like it's got a furry pocket for Your valuables there's no drinks pocket As such like you know the refrigerator Ones you get sometimes but ample space The only criticism I've got of the bag And to be honest the whole set Including the head covers it's just There's a lot of different shades of red Going on like this vibrant red and it's Like kind of a bit more of a dollar red That's me being super super picky Um some people might be bothered some I'm sure lots of others won't but uh Something to call out that's for sure However that's the looks and what I Think of them what are they going to Perform like what's the quality like so Let's start here at the Marriott first I'm gonna hit some ports some chips some Iron shots just to get a bit of a feel And after that I'm going to knit the Traffic Golf Center which is just down The road and hit some of the longer Clubs I've got a fun idea we'll have to See what the top trades the longest Drive is saying that when we get down There but can I set a long drive record Using this driver today let's find out Right let's get some golf balls let's Hit some putts And let's start testing these clubs okay

Putter up first now this look is very Similar to an odyssey saber-tooth Potter Where it's got almost the fangs coming Out the back but that's actually quite Good for alignment Um it again it does look good quality It's got kind of this red insert which Doesn't feel that much difference to the Rest of the head to be honest maybe a Tiny bit softer build quality looks good It feels like a nice weight maybe a tiny Bit light in the head but what I'm going To test more importantly with these Clubs because again the type of golf That's going to get in these are either Someone that's brand new into into the Game or maybe somebody that's returning Back into golf we're gonna be looking Mainly for forgiveness like how you know If I don't hit the middle what they're Going to perform like etc etc so I'm Impressed with the look it's a poster That I do think new golfers would be a Fan of because there's plenty of help Lots of alignment that's how it feels A bit of a pingy thing A bit Pacey right let's say a few ports And I'll give you my feedback [Music] That's quite cool you actually fit your Ball up with the fangs at the back I Like that Foreign [Music]

I hold a few I missed a few But actually overall it's pretty good Putter it's um it's tingy like the noise Off the face doesn't feel it doesn't Sound that good so it gives this kind of Quite a metallic feel quite a hard feel But I cannot argue with the design a Very easy to align the weight wasn't That big of an issue when I was putting With it and I must admit I do love that Ball picking up feature Um so far I'll put a tick very impressed Next up some wedges okay so I'm going to Start chipping with a few sand wedges First off the face actually feels not Too bad a bit of a chunky wedge but Again doesn't offend me [Music] Now there is a potential downside with The design of this lofty Sand Wedge like This isn't a specialized wedge that you Get from like a Volcan or a Cleveland For example there's not loads of design That's gone into the sole it's quite Chunky so it's gonna be quite limiting For like really delicate shots around The green you know when you've got those Specialized wedge you can lay it open You can hit those big flop shots this Isn't going to have that capability However does the golfer who may be Buying the set need shots like that Probably not to be honest with you they Might just want a club that pops it up

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In the air and as long as it does that Job Then I would say that it's a decent Club Around the green [Music] [Music] So so far what I've seen here on the Golf course testing these clubs it's Been pretty good like the Potter was did A great job the wedges around the greens Everything I want them to do even the Bunker shots it was fairly easy to get Out the sand and even hit some longer Iron shots into screen and they were Good like the spin on them were Absolutely outrageous [Music] So I'm going to test a little bit more I'm going to head to the driving range Now and that's a hit majority of the Irons the hybrids the three wood and Then move into this the driver This might just be where we get the Biggest hiccup in this set because to Produce a set of golf clubs like this For this price Corners have to be cut Shortly material of this driver isn't Going to be as good as the material we See the TaylorMade Titleist ping driver The r d the development the research Like tour Pros let's be honest I'm Putting this in the bag are they so how Will it perform at the range now if You're a first time golfer this driver

Might do absolutely fine of a job for The first three months six months nine Months but it'll only be a matter of Time before you go and play with your Mates and you go and hit their driver Their Cobra ping typeless whatever it May be and suddenly you're hitting that Much much further I've seen it before I Have where package sets the first Club Typically gets swapped is the driver so Let's head to the range let's see if That is the case will it surprise us Will it shock us or will that be where This set is most let down from down at Traffic Golf Center ready to go and hit Someone top Tracer uh I'm intrigued I'm Excited as well not really shown this Yet by the way It's about handsome devil on the window So the mission the driving range here is To get ideally on top of the leaderboard For longest drive today or at least get Top ten now looking at the list today Leading is 319 yards I think it's going To be a really big smack I don't even Think I can do that with my normal Driver and to get top 10 I've got to hit It over 274 yards but before I get to The driver I'm going to work my way up Through the set and hit some irons so I'm gonna hybrids the three wood and let You know what I think of the clubs also Right come on Rick let's do this Foreign

[Music] Okay so I've hit these irons 997 and Five got salmon pressed like we feel a Little bit clunky almost just a little Bit harder off the face but when you Actually look at the performance and the Consistency cannot complain the 99 was Carrying about 150. the seven iron was Carrying about 170 and the five iron was Carrying about 190. exactly what I'd Expect them to go the Long Island's Definitely got a little bit uglier The five round wasn't the favorite Club To look at but let's move on to Hybrid Next I'm gonna hit the three hybrid This actually looks like a decent Looking Club [Music] Okay uh interesting we might have run Into a little problem here we've started Hitting the hybrid and it's the three Hybrid it says on it's 21 degrees of Loft there's no way that club has got 21 Degrees of Loft I can see it in the Distance like this isn't even going as Far as a five iron However I've got one positive with that I think for a new goal for a beginner Golfer loft is your friend so maybe they Might find it a bit easier but it does Not go the distance that a three hybrid Should go that's got way too much loft On it okay driver time First off looks good looking driver I

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Mentioned it on the golf course before This matte black top looks really good It's a 460 CC head it's 10 and a half Degrees so it might not for me go the Longest distance in the world but I Actually I think the Aesthetics on that is very Pleasing Um two seven four yards 274 yards is What I've got to hit to get onto the Leaderboard to the top ten again with my Normal driver I think I could do that Quite confidently let's see what this Can do the McGregor it's a little bit of Fun I've got a bucket of balls and let's Just go to smash Town let's hit it as Hard as we can be a good test as well For the durability of this driver like Me hitting it full whack will this face Be able to withstand the speed the power The force let's find out Foreign [Music] Okay so first one I hit out of bounds uh Not very far 253 yards but we'll just Knocks that down for a bit of a warm up The shaft's a little bit maybe softer For me so we won't count that one won't Give that one too much of a hard time [Music] Might be a new record for me at least Okay two Six seven [Music]

Okay that one fell all right it might Just be a little bit High Can we go on that leaderboard 272 is my best so far [Music] Okay that one looks good all right it's A little low bullet draw but that's got Potential 272 is my best so far go on go On Oh okay that's pretty good 276 yards that puts me in the top 10 on The leaderboard uh that was hard work Actually and I'm not going to get much More out of it than that and quite Simple fact I'm not getting the ball Speed like my normal driver I'm getting About 160 miles per hour ball speed with My swing speed this I'm only getting Over about 150 253 Max so it just shows Maybe that the technology the material Whatever it is isn't making the ball Spring off the face so I would say as a Package set this one and other packet Sets I've tested in the past it is the Driver where it does lack the r d that Potential next step to make these clubs Much much better overall a 300 pound I Think this package set is one of the Best out there it offers everything the Golf clubs are very good you could get Better yes but you'd end up spending More money this set is perfect for a new Golfer or someone who's never played Golf who wants to get into it or even a

Golfer that's returning back to golf I Do recommend this actually just to Finish it off I'm gonna just whack my Driver just so I can see what the Difference is if there is any I think There will be there okay I'm gonna hit One shot and one shot only All right [Music] So as you can see there a good drive With my driver that went 306 30 yards Past the McGregor driver Now as much as this set might not be the Full package it certainly is a very good Package We'll see you next time