I Bought the CHEAP Golf Clubs that Google recommends (surprising)


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I've bought the cheap golf clubs that Google suggested and they've arrived and I am very very intrigued so why did I Buy these golf clubs well two reasons Number one I thought it'd make for a Really fun video and number two so many New golfers use Google the biggest Search engine to find out what golf Clubs to buy so I went onto Google and Searched golf clubs and went on shopping And these golf clubs right here were Number one in the search bar 200 pounds And they had some incredible reviews Which I'll pop up on screen now but this One really stood out to me only a recent Convert to the sport but these are good Basic clubs at an excellent price They're from a brand called anesis and They are owned by a big retail company Called decathlon so according to Wikipedia decathlon are one of the Biggest Sporting Goods retailers in the World with over 1700 stores worldwide Now considering in this might be the First set of golf clubs a new golfer Might buy I think they are very very Important because your first set of golf Clubs mean something to you you know you Go through a journey where you first set Of golf clubs you make memories you Might make your first bogey or your First part and I still remember my first Set and I'm sure many of you watching do Yours too so I want to make sure that

These are fitting for a golfer's first Set so that's where we're going to unbox Them and give them a review now I've Only seen a few images online of these Golf clubs so far I've never seen them In the flesh I'm really excited to open This box up and actually see what they Look like Foreign This box and it completely failed Speak to what you know Okay so having a quick look at this box Already and actually you get a lot of Information there's seven golf clubs in Here not quite sure why it says 18 holes This is a right-handed set Obviously Good for me and there are actually two Size options there's a size one which is Smaller size two is taller luckily I Went with size two I actually looked out On that I didn't realize there was two Size options but those things you get Driver I would have some description a Six and seven iron which is quite Interesting it says it on there 8 and 99 Pitching my sandwich butter it actually Even looks like you get head covers That's actually pretty good box I like It there's a bit of information on there Lower Central gravity for high Trajectory it's got all the right Buzzwords large Club face for Tolerance On off-centered golf shots something me And many new golfers need so let's open

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It up and have a look Packaging looks pretty good everything Looks okay protected there's no actual Bubble wrap on the clubs by the Cellophane uh but I don't think anything Looks damaged right this doesn't come With a bag so I brought my own bag let's Open these all up first inspection right Now Actually quite modern looking iron and Massive massive soles on them certainly The irons quite kind of different Looking like I wouldn't say they remind Me of any other Golf Club I've seen in The past and sometimes certainly with These kind of package sets or boxed up Sets they often take inspiration from Other brands it feels like they've not Done that with these sets Foreign Clubs are in the bag And I've got to say I think they've got everything that a New golfer needs to play this game it's Got a big one a whacker a driver which I Must admit questionably cheap head cover But at least it's got one you get four To five hybrid and then actually you get Two irons here in the middle a six and Seven iron so a six and a half iron Effectively an eight and a nine iron and A pitching wedge and a sandwich I'm very Glad those two haven't been Blended Together because I do think you need

Both of these two golf clubs in the set Um a bit closer inspection and I noticed Earlier I said it doesn't they've not Really been inspired by any brand I can Also see a little bit of ping in there To be honest certainly around this Section here around the neck they've got A little bit of ping inspiration in There but that's not obviously offensive At all loads of offset quite a square Kind of look to the actual heads And then they've got a putter A mallet putter with a couple of fangs Out the back very easy to align and Actually on again first inspection feels Good like the quality of these golf Clubs again for a new golfer I feel like It's everything they'd want the driver Big high big massive head size 460cc It's got loads of Lofts this is a high Launch or High lofted Golf Club it Probably looks on first inspection to Have about 13 degrees of Loft if not a Bit more a little bit of design on the Top But not bad do you mean not bad at all Graphite shaft in the woods and the Other thing you'll notice is on the Irons how wide the sole is it did say on The box that low center of gravity to Pop the golf ball up in the air again For a new golfer you want that level of Forgiveness like that those clubs aren't Really going to dig into the ground so

Much they're going to offer a bit of Protection and again that's only a good Thing for someone who's new to the game Okay so I'm gonna go and play a par Three a path four and a par five now I Know these golf clubs aren't suited to Me I get that and for a new beginner Golfer but I'm still going to give them A real review now also I'm going to Throw a few golf balls down to get a Real Vibe of these golf clubs and give You my honest opinion as always let's Head to the first part three it's not an Easy one to start with but it'll be a Nice little test Okay this will be an interesting one It's a path through up the hill and for A lot of new golfers maybe a par 3 will Be where they make their first ever par So let's see if I can achieve that today With these golf clubs it's actually Quite a long way it's about 190 yards So I'm actually going to go with This club the four slash Five hybrid the Four and a half hybrid I guess it is Um again like this one looks alright Nice shape behind the kind of ball on The ground a little bit of design on top Which I don't think is going to have a Massive effect on performance Quite light it's one thing I'm Definitely picking up from the weight of This golf club but things like grip Quality is good shaft quality looks

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Quite nice like behind the golf ball That gives that level of kind of Confidence I would say I don't think I'm gonna hit this hard so I think if I swing this too fast it Might the shaft might not quite work for Me so I'll try and hit a nice soft one Oh it's a bit out to the right So even though I've not got the Direction there I didn't at all it was a Bad strike considering how bad it was it Was right really low on the face that Still popped up in the air nicely Sounded um Hollow not a lot of kind of oomph behind The golf ball Um maybe this sounded like maybe the Material isn't the most premium in the World but again for the price you maybe Not expect that let's go and find it see If we get up and down Okay second shot I'm gonna go with this Sand Wedge uh I'm short-sided myself This isn't a great a great place to be But hopefully this big wide sole should Make it nice and easy and because of its Wide sole in its shape and again I don't Think new golfers are going to worry About this but something to know I don't Particularly feel like I can add any Loft to this I'm not going to be able to Open the face more than what is Currently lofted on the club Foreign

Yeah that's not bad from there It was always going to struggle to get Real high because it is only a sand Wedge but a pretty good felt good off The face and I definitely that wider Sole stopped it from digging in the Ground there which again is great for a New golfer okay put for par It's actually again it's not a terrible Looking Golf Club to putter looks like He's got a little bit too much loft on The face kind of feels like I'm after It's a little bit harder to get to the Hole But alignment wise I love those things Coming out the back That was a bit funky I'm not sure Will not behind me but uh I'm not sure If that face because there's so much Loft it starts to aim a little bit too Far left Maybe I need to get my hands in front of It but Yeah that doesn't uh give me the most Level of confidence It's a four T-shirt let me down there But so far first hole playing with those Golf clubs I mean you can play golf with them let's See if we do better on the next hole the Path for let's get the driver out and Give that a rip

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Okay drive a Time Short Par Four uh I feel like I know What this drive is going to sound like Before hitting it it just kind of has That look to it and here on the head Actually says Advanced aluminum as you Guys in the state say aluminum so let's Give this a hit like I said this is a Normal Par Four that I can pretty much Drive most of the time I'll get very Close to with my driver Oh that's great goat it wasn't good Looking behind the ball it didn't Particularly sound phenomenal But we've managed to get very close to The front edge while we've got a minute Let me just go three more shots and see If it actually hit one on the Green Oh no a little bit short Okay one more can it come up with the Goods Oh no I'm just trying to hit that a bit Too hard right you know what I need one More go at this just last one okay Oh be good be good Go Oh no it's about 20 yards short we gave It a good shot now granted it didn't Drive this path for I wouldn't have Expected it to but it's doing a very Good job considering the type of golf Who's going to be using it now um I'd Imagine if you bought this set you might Go to the driving range with a power

You've got the latest and greatest TaylorMade stealth or latest Titleist Driver no question that driver the Premium one will go further than this it Will But you've got to remember those drivers Are two and a half times the price of Your entire set I'm impressed with that that's done a Very good job considering the cost I've Just come to the front of the green here And a shot that I love to play A little bump and run run it up there And I think again there's a new golfer It's a club I'd highly recommend a shot Highly recommend to play and actually I Think this club right here could be the Perfect weapon the eight slash nine iron Nice wide sole put in action Eagle A little bit faster I got a bit excited There not bad about easy to do that wide Soul definitely makes it nice and easy Okay for birdie I might not make a parrot Five have to be nearly on the front of The Green in one good chip three port Five oh okay coming up to the last hole The par five I'm a bit going about I'm Still making bogey but anyway let's see What we can do on this last one Um I've got to say I think this that's Pretty good it covers all the bases that You'd want for a new goal for beginner

Golfer if you're a bit more advanced Yeah you probably would look past these But if you've got a friend family member Etc who wants to pick up a set just to Get going I think it's a really good set I also think the smaller size might be Great for that kind of young teenager Who wants to get into the game because I Think everything you've got there it Looks quite cool quite futuristic golf Clubs there's not too much choice and it Does the job impressed right last hole Par five 500 yards my mission Is to make birdie Unbelievable start Okay this is it birdie opportunity Guys if I'm not the scene you gotta like The video Come on let's do this Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every Now and again guys thanks for watching We'll see you next time