I BOUGHT A NEW DRIVER! Should YOU Get Fitted for a Driver?

Well, I Bought a NEW Driver! I can’t tell you how many times in the past year people have asked me “Should You Get Fitted for a Driver?” I answered, “I need to fix my swing first!” Well let me tell you I am glad I took the plunge and bought this new TaylorMade Sim2 because wait until you see this numbers. Be sure to read my top 5 best tips for getting fitted for a driver below.

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I think it might be one of the most overlooked things when people first get into golf or do not golf often. They wonder, Should I get fitted for a Driver? or am I good enough to get fitted for a driver? The truth is regardless of your skill level you should be fitting for a driver and really all clubs in your bag, even your putter!

In this video I will show you numbers hitting my old driver which is a Callaway Rogue 10.5 and my new Driver which is a TaylorMade Sim2 8 Degree. These are not even my best shots with this new Driver and I am sure you will agree, these are HUGE Gains.

Top 5 Best Tips for Getting Fitted for a Driver
1. Bring your current driver! You need to get baseline numbers to work from.
2. Don’t show up tired, but be warmed up ready to go. You want to hit your best to provide the best data to work from, so don’t show up after a late night and with no shots under your belt.
3. Take your time hitting each shot. You should take the time necessary for every shot, do not rush things and make a swing different from what you would do on the course.
3. Be open to whatever the certified club fitter suggest. Trust me, when I was told 8 degrees I almost fell over lol.
4. Ask for your data, even if you are committing to buy a driver that day, you should still ask for a recap of your data so you can see what benefits there were from each club/shaft you tried.
5. If you are having a bad day, RESCHEDULE! You might even want to cancel if you don’t feel good and if you shot up and can’t make a swing, don’t sweat it, just ask to reschedule so you get the fitting you deserve! It will be worth it!

For this video I used the Foresight Sports GCQuad Golf Launch Monitor and FSX 2020 Golf Simulation Software so I could compare not only ball data, but club data too.

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00:00 Should you Get Fitted for a Driver?
04:32 Callaway Rogue 10.5 Shots
05:47 TaylorMade Sim2 8 Shots
07:01 Driver Data Comparison & Discussion
13:43 Driver Fitting & Launch Monitor Wrap Up

About the Foresight Sports GCQUAD & FSX 2020 Golf Simulator Software

The Foresight Sports GCQuad is a portable golf launch monitor that is high-speed camera and infrared based. The Quadrascopic technology takes detailed pictures of the ball and club still while still allowing the the unit to be placed almost two feet across from the ball on the ground. This advanced camera technology allows the Foresight GCQuad to be a simple setup in most environments from outdoor driving ranges to smaller indoor simulator rooms.

Ball speed
Horizontal & vertical launch angles
Side spin
Carry distance
* Club head speed
* Smash factor
* Angle of attack
* Club path
* Loft at impact
* Lie & face angle at impact
* Impact location on the club face

With FSX 2020 you can experience the most realistic, educational and intuitive golf simulation you’ve ever seen with our industry-leading fitting and gaming software. Analyze shot data, improve your skills, or play the world’s best and most exclusive courses in beautiful 4K resolution. Compete with friends in the same room or anywhere in the world via Foresight Sports’ online network. Regardless of what you want to do, you’ll enjoy the most complete, true-to-life game experience possible.

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