Hybrid Golf Irons Versus Regular Irons – Which is BETTER?!

When it comes to Hybrid Golf irons vs Regular Irons, here are our thoughts.

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So over the past few years we’ve started to see a lot of hybrid golf clubs flooding the market and actually flooding people’s golf bags and that’s no bad thing because these hybrid golf clubs are very versatile, very useful, a lot of golfers using hybrids instead of long irons, instead of fairway woods. But actually we’ve started to now see some golfers that introduce hybrid clubs right the way through that set. They’re actually replacing their regular irons with hybrid irons. And actually when you consider the science behind this you can understand why. If I just take my two five irons here, when we look down at the club heads there, there’s quite a big difference between a hybrid set of irons or hybrid irons and the regular set of irons that I would normally play with. Now first thing I notice when I looked down at them is clearly the hybrid iron has a much bigger head and for a lot of golfers that actually instills a huge deal more confidence, the bigger rounded back, plenty of loft on the club face that really instills confidence. Also we notice you can’t see this but I can feel it.

The graphite shaft as opposed to a steel shaft, the graphite shaft is lighter that enable a lot of golfers to swing it faster. More club head speed, generates a bit more height and a bit more distance. So I get more confidence and I get more distance. Now when we look at off centre hits, because both of these clubs will feel pretty good when you hit the middle, so when we strike the middle most irons and hybrid irons are going to feel great. What we need to look at is when we don’t hit the middle, so when we hit off centre toe hill top bottom. With an iron I generally get a slightly smaller sweet spot, and with a hybrid iron I generally therefore get a bigger sweet spot. So the forgiveness pattern is bigger. So off centre hits will still fly a reasonable distance and a reasonable direction and probably get nearer to the green and off centre hit with a hybrid, than a off centre hit with an iron would do. Now for a lot of golfers it almost comes in to this comfort area, that comfortable looking down irons that’s what they’re used to doing.

And when they take a hybrid gold club particularly a more lofted version, it just looks a little bit different and they’re not used to seeing the mates do it, they’re not used to seeing the guys on TV do it. But actually if you take that to one side, and you actually go and test them and look at purely the results based on how you practice with them on the driving range, you consider you are used to your irons, you try a few hybrids, you not comfortable with, you’re not used to them I still think you’ll hit them quite nicely. So try and find a manufacturer that makes a full set of hybrid irons, give them a hit and if you’re struggling with your irons, you’re struggling particularly with off centre hits and lacking a bit of distance consider a whether a full set of hybrid irons in your bag is going to improve your enjoyment and improve your scores.

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