Hybrid Golf Clubs Versus Irons – Best Senior Golf Club?!

When it comes to comparing hybrid golf clubs versus Irons to see which is the best senior golf club, golf expert Dean Butler shows you which is the best club to use!

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Alright, we’re going to compare hybrids with standard irons. Is it a good idea, what’s the difference? Well as an example I’ve got here a number 4 hybrid, which is the equivalent of say a 4 iron roughly, approximately maybe a 5. And basically what we’re trying to do is compare the two, which is the easiest to hit, which is more forgiving, which is going to give us the best result? Well I think most of it would actually hand on heart so if I put a 4 iron down and I hit 10 balls, that unless I’m actually most probably a 4, 5 handicapper or better, the majority of those golf shots are going to go and be spread out in certain areas and maybe I might top some or catch them a bit heavy.

But if you were to hit 10 balls with a hybrid, the equivalent loft, then I’m sure that you’ll find that those 10 golf shots you hit, would actually be more consistent, better trajectory, better ball fly, better direction. Two ways of finding out apart from the obvious, what you see is what you believe. You could actually put some tape on the face. And by that you can actually get the imprint of where the ball is coming out. So was the imprint of those hybrids better than they were for the irons. So we’re comparing one against the other. So that’s number one to compare. Number two is that the hybrids have a lower kick point in their shaft and this helps to get the ball higher and it make it much easier to use that golf club compared to of an iron, and again we’re comparing hybrids against the irons.

So you can actually go on the driving range, hit a number of balls with both clubs and look at the club face. Look at where the balls finish. If you’ve got – if you’re fortunate enough to hit say 10 that are orange and 10 balls that are yellow and you’ve got the imprint, you’ve got what you see on the club face and you’ve got where the balls are physically finished. And again I still stress that I think the hybrid by no doubt whatsoever will find that the greatest percentage of golf shots in your favor and that’s what golf’s all about. If at the end of the session you’ll find yourself I’m not sure, I’m really not sure about the two, then why not seek out a store or a pro who’s got one of these large monitors, and they can actually get you on the radar there and see how that shaft is kicking.

Is the shaft too shift, is it too weepy for you, is the loft not sufficient and from this they can actually track the shaft and track the trajectory on one of these monitor screens. So if you got down the avenue first of all, like going onto the driving range or on the golf course, I think that will be sufficient, but if it’s not, check out at one of your local stores on one of these monitors and you’ll get the idea of maybe the shaft is wrong for you, maybe the loft is wrong for you or seek your PGA professional because he will be able to advice, but really hybrids are far better to hit and far easier to use than any irons.

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