How To Twirl A Baton For Beginners | Baton Twirling Tricks and Tips | Thumb Throw Toss |Twirl Planet

This video teaches twirlers how to throw a baton with proper technique. A thumb toss is one of the baton twirling basics that is not very difficult to learn. When you learn how to toss a baton correctly, you gain wonderful control and accuracy of both small flips and high, spectacular aerials. This video is for baton twirlers, as well as staff spinners and jugglers who are interested in creating unique tricks and series. The tutorial includes demonstration with both a staff and a juggling club. Staff spinning tricks and techniques are similar to twirling and this basic release is a great way to add variety to your repertoire.

Twirling a baton can be fun for all ages and we look forward to bringing you more baton twirling videos.

Follow this link for beginner twirling batons: %7D8-Inch-Diameter/

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Cindy Hamilton, Twirl Planet’s CEO and Founder, is a former state and regional twirling champion, judge, and she has taught baton twirling throughout the U.S. and in Europe. Twirl Planet has become the ideal way to continue to support the sport of baton twirling, by making available best quality, made-in-the-USA twirling batons and supplies. Twirl Planet also aims to increase the public’s awareness of baton twirling, it’s talented athletes, and the value that learning to twirl offers to both young people and adults.

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