How to Swing Smooth Like Chris Kirk

Do you want to learn how to swing smooth on the golf course, just like Chris Kirk? If so, this blog post is for you. We will delve into the techniques and tips that can help you achieve a smooth and effortless swing, allowing you to improve your game and enjoy every round. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can make your swing as fluid and controlled as Chris Kirk’s!

How to Swing Smooth Like Chris Kirk


If you’ve ever watched professional golfer Chris Kirk play, you’ll be captivated by his smooth swing. Kirk is known for his elegant and controlled swing, which has earned him numerous accolades in the golfing world. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Kirk’s swing and uncover the secrets to swinging smoothly like him.

The Fundamentals of Kirk’s Swing

The Pronounced Draw

One noticeable aspect of Kirk’s swing is his ability to hit a pronounced draw. A draw is a shot that curves gently from right to left for a right-handed golfer. Kirk has mastered this shot and often uses it to his advantage on the golf course. By controlling the draw, Kirk is able to effectively navigate tricky course layouts and maneuver his way towards victory.

The Open Setup

To accommodate his swing path, Kirk adopts an open setup, which means he stands slightly open to the target. This adjustment allows him to execute his draw shot more effectively. By positioning himself in this manner, Kirk is able to align his body with the desired swing path, enabling a smoother and more controlled execution.

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Tempo and Synchronization

Kirk’s swing tempo is slow and deliberate, contributing to his consistent performance. By taking his time with each shot, he ensures better synchronization of the body, resulting in a more fluid and efficient swing. Slowing down the takeaway, in particular, helps avoid disconnection between the upper and lower body, leading to a more harmonious swing motion.

Calm Demeanor and Stick to What Works

Another aspect that sets Kirk apart is his calm demeanor on the golf course. He maintains a composed mindset, staying focused and in control throughout his rounds. This mental fortitude plays a significant role in his success. Kirk has learned from experience that trying to force a different ball flight or deviating from his usual swing can lead to struggles. It is crucial to stick to what works and trust in your abilities.

Learning from Kirk’s Fundamentals

Now that we have explored the key elements of Kirk’s swing, let’s analyze how we can apply these fundamentals to improve our own golf game. By incorporating the following tips, you too can swing smoothly like Chris Kirk:

  1. Work on your draw shot: Practice hitting controlled draws to add versatility to your game and better navigate challenging course layouts.
  2. Experiment with an open setup: Adjust your stance to align yourself with your desired swing path, enabling a smoother and more accurate swing.
  3. Focus on tempo and synchronization: Slow down your swing, particularly the takeaway, to ensure better synchronization between your upper and lower body.
  4. Cultivate a calm mindset: Stay composed on the golf course and trust in your abilities. Developing mental fortitude will contribute to a smoother and more consistent swing.
  5. Stick to what works: Avoid the temptation to force a different ball flight or make drastic changes to your swing. Instead, focus on refining and mastering your existing technique.
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Chris Kirk’s smooth swing is a testament to his dedication and understanding of the game. By studying his fundamentals, we can learn valuable lessons that will enhance our own golf game. Whether it’s the pronounced draw, the open setup, or the slow tempo, implementing these elements will help you swing smoother and with more control. Remember, a smooth swing leads to better results on the course.


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