This video will help the golfer to how to strike their iron shots pure from the fairway. Often golfers do not know how to compress their irons from the fairway and end up hitting a lot of their iron shots thin and fat/heavy from the fairway. This video will help the golfer understand why they are not striking the golf ball with their irons solid from the fairway, and how showing how to properly compress the golf ball, which can lead to an increase of distance with their iron shots.
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Most mid to high handicap golfer I see struggle to compress their irons and establish any sort of solid contact on their irons. They complain of a lack of distance and often have better success hitting their iron shots from the semi rough than the fairway. These golfers generally have little to no divot and if the do it’s usually behind the golf ball.
The best iron players tend to have the lowest point of the swing past the golf ball. This means that they strike the golf ball slightly on the way down and if the make a divot it’s after the golf ball and not before it. The golfer who is struggling to contact their irons solid usually has the lowest point of their swing before the golf ball, causing the golfer to strike the ball poorly.
There are a few reasons that golfers struggle to get their low point after the golf ball
1) the golfer has their pressure under their right foot at impact
2) the golfer moves their head too far off the ball in the back swing and can’t get it back to its original position by the time of impact.
3) the golfer is trying to help the golf ball up into the air and is hanging back on the right side causing the club to bottom out before they contact the golf ball

A drill I like to use to help the golfer move the lowest point after impact is to place an alignment strike about 5 inches behind the golf ball at set up. The goal of the drill is for golfer to miss the alignment stick and strike the golf ball. If the golfer was to have the lowest point of their swing before the golf ball the golf club would crash into the alignment stick. This might happen a few times but over time you will learn to move your low point further forward.
If you can successfully achieve the drill you will find that your pressure will be more toward your left foot at impact and you will have your hands a touch more ahead of the golf ball also and your iron striking will be like never before.

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