Do you want to strike your irons pure every time and learn how to hit a golf ball properly with an irons? This video shows you how to strike your irons pure every time with a simple change, which makes a massive difference!

This simple change in your golf swing will help you stay connected in the golf swing and strike those irons pure every time!

Over the past soooo many of my clients are asking me how do i hit my irons pure, how do i hit them consistently, how do i stay connected in the golf swing, how do i stop hitting the ground behind the golf ball, how can i get ball first contact, how to hit my irons further, how to hit my irons straight, how to hit irons in golf, why can’t i increase distance with irons. Are you thinking the same with irons?

Today’s tip is all about 1, yes 1 simple golf tip with irons. This shows you how to stay connected in the golf swing, and a result you will create effortless power, hit your irons further, hit your irons straighter and overall improve your iron play. This is just for irons and this simple change we talk about today is so easy, simple and for all golfers no matter your `age.

This video on how to strike your irons pure every time, simple change massive difference will improve your ability to stay connected in the golf swing, improve your impact position, improve the downswing, stop coming over the top, duffing your irons and so much more! Let’s get the consistency you need and want with your iron shots!

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