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Jason Guss shows you how to fix this common mistake so you can start bombing 3-woods and hitting par 5s in under 2.

If you’re sweeping your three wood,
you’re doing it all wrong.
To make the ball go up, you have to hit down.
Let me show you how.
You can’t seem to get your three wood to go high in the air.
The cause? You’re probably hanging
too far back on your back foot,
causing you to try to hit up on it
or sweep your three wood.
The fix? You have to hit more down on it.
And I’m gonna show you how to this simple drill
with two tees that will have you bombing three woods
and hitting par fives in two in no time.
You’re gonna put the club head just behind your golf ball
and actually put these two tees down into the ground
to where they’re almost all the way in, but not quite.
Now, if you make your old swing
and your weight goes back onto your back foot,
you’ll probably feel your club head nick one of those tees.
So how do you hit more down on it?
Number one, you’re gonna feel like your weight shifts
more into your front foot.
When you do that, that’s gonna help
the club come down on a little steeper angle.
So if you can make the weight shift forward,
you’re going to be hitting high three woods in no time.
Now that you’re hitting high, bombing three woods,
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How to Stop Hitting Grounders with Fairway Woods | Breaking Bad Scores | Golf Digest

Shot at Hawk Hollow Golf Club in Bath, Michigan

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