In this tip, I teach you how to stop coming over the top. This is easy to fix if you understand why you’re swinging this way. Once you understanding it, you can cure it pretty fast.

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For most golfers, the over the top swing is their nemesis. No matter what they do they can’t fix it. Well, it’s really not that hard. Like, I said you just have to understand why you are doing it. In this tip I show you a way that you can understand it by twirling a headcover. Once you see it, you now see why which is half the battle.

Now you know why then it’s time to top coming over the top. To do this, I need you to fix it manually. This means getting used to a completely different way to swing and how it looks visually. I suggest doing this at home daily in practice swings. With a week or so you will be used to it which will make it easier to do as you hit golf balls.

Now, you may actually have to over do this over the top fix. If you do you will swing too much from the inside causing pushes and push fades. This is okay because the goal is the fix the over the top swing. So if you see these shots don’t worry. This is step one. All you need is more rotation to hit the ball straight.

So watch this tip and start doing this asap. Once you stop coming over the top you make more direct contact creating more distance and consistency.

You are swinging over the top because you are hitting with your arms. This is why little

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