How To Start The Golf Club Back

Here’s another tip on how to start the golf club back in the golf swing. I thought of this when a student recently came out for a lesson and I noticed he was really handsy as he took the club back.

This faulty takeaway stopped him from creating depth in the backswing. This lead to his club being laid off at the top. When you lay the club off, it can lead to an over the top swing causing pulls, pull hooks and pull slices.

In teaching him how to take the golf club back I came up with a memorable way to do it. You need to say to yourself, grip, setup, switch. That’s it. Once I explained it to my student he instantly learned how to take the golf club back and it was so memorable that he did it for every other shot while we did the lesson.

What this tip and understand these things then apply it to your swing. If so, you too can learn how to take the golf club back properly allowing you to be in a great position at the top of the backswing.

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In this tip it's called grip it's set up Switch Okay so just the other day I had a Gentleman out here and his golf swing Looked like this so he's actually been a Follower of mine for many many many Years swing was actually looking pretty Good A few little areas that needed some Work so his problem he did his grip was Uh very Um very strong hands were way ahead like This you know but his first move this is What I'm kind of getting at first move From right here Was to take the club down this line Right here down this line And then lay it off So if you don't know what laid off is That's when your Club at the top Points over here that Golf Club at the Top should be basically parallel to this Alignment stick right here Okay so the shaft stick they should be Parallel Laid off is this way crossing the line Is this way All right one of the big things he was Doing because his hands were way over Here His first move was to hinge the club Immediately Okay so when you do that you're not Basing that on your coil So you do that

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Right here Your arm goes down this line So you have no depth to your golf swing So if there's no depth to your swing You're going to lay it off up at the top And that's going to create shots that Are coming over the top so if your Club's here you're going to probably Swing over the top this way Unless you're here and then you reroute The club by sliding to get it going down The line but those are flaws we don't Want flaws in our golf swing All right so Easy easy fix this took literally five Or ten minutes Okay so he well we worked on his grip For this is after we had worked on his Grip okay we did work on his grip for Quite a while because he had a severely Strong grip moving it on the golf club So after we got the grip five or ten Minutes of doing this and boom he was Perfect into the back swing so here was The thought right here We're doing the grip like this so we're Going to check our grip We're going to check our setup so that's Grip setup Then the thought is to switch I made him Switch to this shoulder right here at This moment in time because remember if You're doing something like this You're doing that with your hands and

Arms You're taking it back with your hands You are not doing a one piece Takeaway So all I had to do was switch his Thought process From his hands To this shoulder arms are just extended We switch to the shoulder as soon as he Took it back with the shoulder we had Perfect depth to the swing so we were Here like this I said check your grip Now do your setup Okay now switch He switched to the shoulder made the Move with the shoulder instead of the Hands so hands went here Shoulder got him here so right here we Want to be over 20 degrees depth I like The arm or the hands right here off of Your armpit so right here if you can Look in a window or a mirror right there If your hands are off your armpit the Club will go perfectly down the line Inside the armpit you're going to cross Outside the armpit you're going to lay It off Okay So switching his thought process from Hands to shoulders taking it back You know literally fixed it and then he Kept doing it over like I didn't have to Remind him To do this I can kind of guess that's

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Why I'm doing this tip like it was an Instant thing instant meaning five Minutes of doing it okay and then he Kept doing it throughout So check your back swing at three Quarters so right here Okay right here three quarters when You're back our lead arm is parallel to The ground right here Right there you want to see that your Hands are off of this armpit right here So you just go like this window or a Mirror right there You go back like that and watch yourself In the window or mirror hold it right Here And see that your hands are off of this Armpit if you go like this and your Hands are over here that's not good if You go like this and you go too flat Your hands are way back here Okay you can even use an alignment stick Right here okay you take it back and Just think okay oh my hand my arm has to Be behind that line not down that line All right So just one other part to this if you Want to use the forward shoulder that's What I do to take the club back I take My shoulder I crank my shoulder That's one thought you can use both Shoulders You can take the back shoulder and go Back with your back shoulder

Or you can just take your back Point Your back to the Target that will get You rotating as well so one of those Four different ways to take your golf Club back as I said if you are thinking About your shoulder you are not thinking About your hands So we should be able to do the one piece Takeaway perfectly And we get the proper depth to our golf Swing every time In five minutes Okay and I have had countless people out Here that take the golf club back with Their hands it's a constant thing I see So this is a huge thing that you should Be checking and if you recognize that You're out of position you need to be Fixing this okay because if you're out Of position at the top how could you Possibly think that you're going to hit The ball consistently every time It's not going to happen All right so make sure we do that so we Build a better backswing position And then the downswing becomes a lot Easier I truly hope you've enjoyed this Tip here's another tip that's going to Help you improve your swing now right Below that don't forget to click on that Link because I'm going to send you some Free samples of my body swing book and Video series that'll take you step by Step by step through how to build a

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