Here’s a great drill you can to do learn how to shallow your plane and swing from the inside. You can do this at home, at the range, and even when you play.

If you want to shallow your plane, instead of coming over the top, it takes a little understanding and a little work. This means you need to follow this tip to understand how to shallow your plane then do this drill daily for a while until you change your path so you swing from inside. This can take a week up to a month or more but this is a small price to pay to eliminate one of the most common swing flaws and start swinging more like a better player or pro.

If you are someone who has been swinging over the top then stay focused on this drill until it’s fixed. Too many people get distracted or try too many things never fixing anything. If you keep this mindset and finally get swinging from the inside you will hit it longer and straighter than ever.

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