How To Putt Long Putts (What To Think)

In this tip I teach you how to putt long putts. More importantly, what to think about as you putt long putts.

So many golfers have trouble with long putts. The secrets is to know what to think about. For me, I would only practice long and short putts. Forget 12 footers. This is a waste of your time. Start practicing long putts and you will quickly start reducing your 3 putts.

Imagine a round with no 3 putts. Right there, you would save yourself 1 to 5 shots per round lowering your scores which will make you way more confident.

So watch this putting tip and start practicing only long and short putts. If you do, you will start to play your best golf.

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In this tip I'm talking about long putts okay. 
So long putts can be difficult for people and   That is because people do not practice long 
putts. So if you followed my technique for any   Period of time you would know that I want you 
to practice only long putts and short putts.   Long ones … short ones that's it. Don't sit 
there at 12 feet okay that is a complete waste   Of your time. You need to practice long putts so 
that you stop 3 putting okay. So from here down   To there, that one over to this one this one, 
over to this one and so on. You know you would   Probably go 30 feet or more okay and only practice 
those or short ones right around the hole 3 foot   Or 4 foot or 5 foot or 3 to 4 feet. 4 to 5 feet. 
5 to 6 feet. Putt those ones okay under pressure.   Short putts … long putts that's it. Okay so when 
I was uh you know practicing golf a lot of time,   You know, after I got practicing long putts 
and short putts that's all I ever did.   I got real good at long putts and it's really just 
an experience thing. So what do I think about,   Or how do I putt long putts? Well because I I 
did it for so long it's kind of hard to explain   If you've never been there but I really 
try to let my mind go completely blank.   I know that seems like what blank. I don't get 
it. Well I try to let my mind calculate out the   Distance. So I have not hit this putt yet I 
rarely practice putting I'm gonna hit these   Three balls to this hole right here way down here 
that's got to be ten that's at least 50 feet.   Okay let's see how close I can get them and kind 
of what I do. So I go like this okay I get ready.   Now as I do my practice I look at the hole so I'm 
looking at the hole, and I, on long putts, I do   3 practice strokes and all I'm thinking, or all 
I'm trying to do, is get the feel as my eyes see   The target okay and then as I set up I'm not 
thinking how hard I gotta hit it. I just try to   Let my mind go blank and I just try to let my body 
figure out how far that is. So I'm not sitting   There going "oh I gotta take it back this far and 
hit it this hard" no I'm not thinking like that.   I get that sense in my mind "oh it's about that 
much" I'm looking at the target letting myself   Calculate out how far this putt is okay. So 
here we go. Let's see how close I can get it. Okay just completely going blank so we're a little 
on the amateur side there but that's about 3   Feet right there let me give it a little hair 
more break. I gotta just let my mind go blank. There we go it's looking pretty good okay. Not too bad for rarely ever practicing putting 
anymore. I just don't have time to do that. You   Know I might hit a few little putts if I'm gonna 
go play but other than that, I don't sit here   And practice. This was just years and years and 
years of practicing short putts … long putts.   That was it just really stick to the long putts. 
Just think in your mind, you know, just the last   Round you played. Did you have some long putts? 
Probably did right? Did you 3 putt? Yeah you   Probably did. So imagine if you could practice 
the long ones and practice the short ones. Well if   You can hit 3 balls within 3 feet from like right 
here which I just did, and I don't even practice,  

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Well you're gonna reduce the 3 putts so you know 
now you're gonna save yourself 1 to 5 shots around   So now your scores start to come down. You know 
what happens when your scores come down? You get   Confidence. As you get more and more confident, 
now you can take your game to a whole new level.   I know it takes effort to walk from 
here over to there. I know that   Most people are lazy and they won't do it but if 
you want to shave off those strokes from your game   Then you got to put in the effort and this is 
an easy way to drop 1 to 5 shots off your game.   Let's just remember that and then if you want 
to do it the way I do it you know you'll see.   Look at the hole as you do the strokes so 
you're not sitting here going "oh I gotta   Take it back like this" no. Look at the hole. 
Just think "it's about that much" and step up.   Try to not overthink it. Your brain can calculate 
that out in like a millisecond so let your mind do   The work and then you're gonna get the ball right 
around the hole most of the time shaving off those   Strokes and playing better golf. I truly hope 
you've enjoyed this tip. Here's another tip that's   Going to help you improve your swing. Now right 
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my body swing book and video series that'll take   You step by step by step through how to build 
a powerful effortless pain-free golf swing.

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