How to present an award

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In this video you will learn how to present an award. This was a question asked by one of my viewers on YouTube and so, I wanted to give a quick and simple way to help you learn what to say when you need to introduce someone and present them with an award. There are three things that you need to do:

1. Talk about the event

The first thing to do is briefly talk about the awards ceremony. For example, you can say something about what the event or award is celebrating, or why the award is being given.

2. Talk about the award winner

Now it’s time to briefly introduce the person winning the award. You can do this by mentioning that the award is being given towhoever it is, then describing something special or unique about the award winner. A really great thing you can do is tell a story about the award winner, something that helps connect the audience and the person. It could be how you know the person or something the person has done that represents who they are.

3. Give the award

You did it! You successfully introduced the award winner and now you have to give him/her the award. After you give the award, simply step aside and let them speak. Your job is pretty much done, unless you have to present more awards.

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