How to Lower Your Scores and Break 90 – Way of the Playa Disciple Round 1

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J-Mac was in Bangkok and we hit Dynasty for an early morning round. We played two rounds in Bangkok and this is the first one. The second one is coming.


Now J-Mac is a faithful follower of the teachings of the Way of the Playa and has lowered his scores to consistently break 100. He is looking for the next step to break 90. We played two rounds together in Bangkok and I identified a few areas to improve quickly and they are the following:

I will be in Malaysia where he lives and will work on these things with him:

1. Get a decent putter and work on it so you never three-putt.
2. If you introduce a new club to the course, it better be ready. He had a 3 wood that was no course ready when he played with it here in Thailand. He had it for only 2 weeks and it cost him a few shots.
3. A few better decisions on the tee box and approaches will help a lot.
4. The artificial turf from the range is costing him shots. He hits approaches and layups fat because of the artificial mat’s ability to flatter a fat shot allowing the club to bounce back into the ball and make a fat shot look good.
5. Bunker play

Positives about his game:
1. Great IDGAF attitude and swing
2. Excellent rhythm on his swing
3. A nice chipping and pitching technique which works well
4. A solid putting stroke that just needs a decent putter of his own as well as help with pace control.
5. A great little arsenal of clubs he can use as the core of his bag forever. 58° wedge, 6 and 7 irons, PW and a hybrid. The 3 wood could develop into a great club but does need work on the range to get course-ready.

I look forward to helping him in Malaysia as his “caddie” and short game practitioner.

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