How to Lower Ball Flight With Irons (Golf Swing)

If you are looking to learn how to swing a golf club to hit lower golf shots, hit golf shots into the wind, or learn how to hit a golf stinger, use these simple golf swing tips to help you lower the trajectory on your golf ball.

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Golf stingers are becoming more popular, as golfers like to see that low flighted golf shot pierce down the fairway. So how do you hit a low trajectory golf shot? Here are 3 simple golf tips and one golf drill to help you bring that ball flight down and navigate this golf shot:

– golf swing speed: generally speaking, a faster swing creates more height
– golf setup: by moving the ball back in your golf stance and keeping your hands slightly forward, you can reduce loft and bring down the ball flight
– golf swing: a shorter golf swing with an abbreviated finish can help you lower trajectory as well

– golf swing drill: this elbow squeeze drill from impact position to finish position can help you get the right feel for hitting these low flighted stingers

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