How to know my YARDAGE distance in golf? How far do my clubs GO?

How to know my yardage distance in golf? How far do my clubs go? Golf yardage is confusing for new golfers. How far do my irons go? In this video you will be given the steps to understand what you yardage distance for my irons would be. How to know my distance with golf clubs? You can take the average for all your clubs not just your irons and p wedge. How far does the average golfer hit each club? I get asked that often and reality is that we just need to work on our game and make sure we know our distance with each club in golf. Some want to know if you need a Golf yardage book? You don´t need one if you are new to golf. Golf yardage finder come in all shapes and sizes. Golf yardage tracker helps you see how far your golf ball goes. You can find your golf yardage by doing these three 3 tips. Coach Shayain


Knowing the Golf Fundamentals will 100% make you a better golfer. Download for your step by step guidance with pictures for easy of understanding. Print it and put it in your golf bag so you can have it on the course or driving range for reference.

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00:54 Golf Tip #1
02:09 Golf Tip #2
02:44 Golf Tip #3
03:39 Recap

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