Everyone wants to increase their swing speed. Few ever do. That’s because the great majority of golfers think that to get a faster swing speed with their driver, they just swing harder. No matter how many drills or exercises they do, they never hit it any longer.

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This is because all of these drills and exercises cause you to just speed up your arms. The harder you hit, the tighter your wrists, the slower the club swings. So if you keep solely hitting with your arms, you’ll never increase your clubhead speed.

If you really want to increase your club head speed, you need to use your legs and hips as the power source. This tip shows you my favorite speed drill. Please follow it carefully as it’ll get you to switch to using your legs and hips and it provides you with proof that your driver speed is increasing.

Do this drill with your driver every night. In order to create more swing speed you need to gradually build it up over time. So repeat it with 25 swings or more at home or on the range. Over the course of the next few weeks, you’ll hit the driver longer than ever.

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