How to Improve Your Putting Technique – Golf Putting Tips

If you have been struggling with your golf putting technique, use these simple golf putting tips to help you start making more putts!

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Length of Putting Stroke: many amateur golfers take a putting golf swing that is really long on the backstroke and short and choppy on the follow through. Instead, look for a more even stroke on both sides of the ball, maybe 60% back, 40% through at most.

Golf Ball Position – you want a slightly positive angle of attack on your putting stroke, so having the ball just a touch forward of center will help you make contact with the ball as your putting is making its way slightly up the arc of the stroke.

Shape of the Putting Stroke: there is a lot of difference in opinion on putting on an arc vs straight back and through, but just know that whichever you do, it needs to be consistent on both sides.

Putting Drill: Look Away Drill – this is one of our favorite golf drills when it comes to putting. Placing a penny or tee behind the ball, take your putting stroke and look at that penny/tee as you make contact. This will help your head and body centered and help you start smoothing out your putting stroke.

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