How to Hit The Perfect Bump & Run Chip Shot!

Tips On How To Make Long Putts

When looking to learn how to make long putts one has various places they can turn to for tips. Depending on which type of aids you like to use, there are several options one can choose from. Whether it is DVD or CD, or whether it is a personal coach…

Improve Your Driving

The very nature of a driver and its designed purpose makes it a very individualistic golf club requiring its own swing, etc. Due to the fact that it is the only club in the bag that does not make contact with the ground through impact, has the lowest loft angle of any golf club, and is used to hit a ball that is teed up lends itself to every swing fault that exists.

Proper Golf Etiquette for Rookies

Are you like me and heading out to the golf course for the first time? Don’t know what to wear? How to act? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Here are my top 5 golf etiquettes to follow:.

1 Week to a More Powerful and Accurate Golf Swing (Part 2)

Here is the second installment in our series, “1 Week to a More Powerful and Accurate Golf Swing” use these recommendations for a week, and you’ll be smashing the ball down the fairway and hunting pins on your next round! As mentioned previously we don’t believe buying the next hottest driver or set of irons in the best way to improve one’s golf game. Don’t get us wrong, having a quality driver and a set of irons that fit your game can and will help to some degree, however for a dramatic improvement in your game and your scores, we believe improving the swing itself will in fact lead to your playing the very best golf of your life. The second tip that will lead to the greatest improvement in your game is:

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When Should Your Child Start Playing Golf?

Many parents wonder what age to start getting their children involved in sports. So when is the right age for your child to start playing golf?

Learn How to Reduce Your Golfing Handicap Rapidly

There are many things one has to learn in order to play the game of golf well. Discover some useful tips to help you become a better player more quickly and easily.

Golf Etiquette Uncovered

As with any game for old gentlemen (shuttlecock, bridge, napping, and smoking), golf has very stiff rules and protocols for golf etiquette. While you may not be challenged to a duel if you damage the golf turf, you can bet that the person playing behind you is going to express their disapproval with a very strongly worded letter to the golf club. Following the rules of golf etiquette is important, so here are a few rules for you to keep in mind:

The Rules Of Golf Uncovered – Part 1

Golf has more rules than your average government, and it can be incredibly hard to learn them all. With the local government you won’t be jailed for sneezing while someone else is walking down the street, but you can bet in golf that even sniffling a little is grounds for immediate banishment from the country club (and probably execution as well). If you are going to play golf, be sure that you don’t have a cold and be sure to know the rules (at least the important ones).

The Perfect Golf Swing Lies Within Your Grasp
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The perfect golf swing: as elusive as that “Dem Pimpernel” and as mythical as the unicorn-riding fairies of Narnia. Learning the perfect swing is something that takes even the professionals years and years, as the perfect swing is different for each person. Some people spend years practicing their swing, and they end up becoming contortionists, death defying acrobats, and Air Force pilots just because these professions are so much easier.

Accurate Feedback Is Important to Improving One’s Golf Swing

Without accurate feedback it is almost impossible to improve one’s golf swing and acquire consistency. Feedback can be physical or tactile. It can be with video or it can be words of instruction. Whichever type helps you best, feedback is necessary.

1 Week to a More Powerful and Accurate Golf Swing Part 1

Are you ready for your best season of Golf…Ever? In 1 week you can dramatically improve your power and accuracy with a few quick and easy tips and routines. Get ready today!

Golf Clothing – Fairway Fashion

It’s not exactly news that golf fashion is a dynamic and thriving business sector. At the turn of the last century, no eyebrow would have been raised at the sight of golfers wearing tweed jackets with plus fours, smoking pipes and sporting a full set of facial whiskers.

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