How To Hit The Golf Ball Straight (Simple Thought)

Hitting the golf ball straight is a skill that every golfer aspires to master. With the right technique and approach, one can achieve accuracy and consistency in their shots, leading to better scores on the course. In this blog post, we will explore some simple thoughts and strategies that can help golfers improve their ability to hit the ball straight. By incorporating these tips into their game, he or she can enhance their performance on the fairway and ultimately enjoy a more fulfilling golf experience. So, let’s delve into the world of straight shots and unlock the secrets to a more controlled, precise golf game.

How To Hit The Golf Ball Straight (Simple Thought)


Golfing is a game that requires precision and skill. One of the most common challenges that golfers face is hitting the ball straight. A slight deviation from the intended path can result in disappointment and frustration. Fortunately, golf instructor Paul Wilson offers a simple yet effective tip on how to hit the golf ball straight in his video. In this article, we will delve into the content of the video and explore the key points that Wilson emphasizes.

Visualizing the Clubhead as a Block of Steel on a Track

According to Wilson, one of the main problems that golfers face while attempting to hit the ball straight is squaring the face at impact. He suggests visualizing the clubhead as a block of steel traveling on a track. To achieve a consistent square impact, Wilson advises golfers to let go of the urge to influence the clubhead and instead allow it to go wherever it wants to go naturally. By adopting this approach, the face of the club can be squared consistently, leading to a straighter ball flight.

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The Applicability of the Tip

The beauty of Wilson’s tip is its versatility. It can be applied to both woods and irons, allowing golfers to improve their accuracy and consistency across various clubs. Whether you are hitting a driver off the tee or attempting to land a delicate approach shot with a wedge, the concept remains the same.

Slowing Down the Swing and Visualizing

Another valuable insight that Wilson shares in his video is the need to slow down the swing. By consciously slowing down the swing speed, golfers can focus on the mental image of the clubhead as a block of steel traveling on the track. This mental visualization helps in keeping the face square at impact. Wilson encourages golfers to resist the temptation of overpowering the swing with excessive speed and force. Instead, he suggests channeling their energy towards a controlled and focused swing.

The Role of the Arms and Weight of the Club

Wilson highlights the significance of the arms in hitting the golf ball straight. He explains that if the golfer relies solely on the weight of the club, it will feel heavy during the swing. However, by actively using the arms to hit the ball, the weight of the club becomes more manageable, resulting in improved accuracy. This insight highlights the importance of utilizing the entire body, including the arms, in the swing motion.

Setting Up for Success

To optimize the chances of hitting the ball straight, Wilson recommends a proper setup. This includes having a straight lead arm, a square face, and a neutral grip. By starting with a sound foundation, golfers can set themselves up for success in achieving a straight ball flight.

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Now let’s move on to some frequently asked questions about hitting the golf ball straight:


  1. Can this tip help with my slicing issue?
  • Yes, Wilson’s tip is applicable for those struggling with a slice. By visualizing the clubhead as a block of steel on a track, you can significantly reduce the slices in your shots.
  1. Will slowing down my swing affect the distance I achieve?
  • Slowing down your swing may not necessarily affect the distance. The key is to focus on accuracy and consistency rather than solely chasing distance. With practice, your swings will become more efficient, leading to longer and straighter shots.
  1. Should I use this tip for both woods and irons?
  • Absolutely! Wilson’s tip can be applied to both woods and irons. The concept of letting the clubhead go wherever it wants to go naturally remains consistent across different clubs.
  1. How long does it take to see improvements?
  • The speed at which you see improvements will vary based on individual skill levels and practice time. However, with consistent practice and implementation of Wilson’s tip, you can expect to see positive results within a reasonable period.
  1. Are there any other factors to consider alongside this tip?
  • While Wilson’s tip is highly effective, it is important to remember that golf is a multifaceted game. Factors such as swing mechanics, physical conditioning, and mental focus also play crucial roles in hitting the ball straight consistently. Combining Wilson’s tip with a well-rounded approach to the game will yield the best results.


Hitting the golf ball straight is a skill that can transform a golfer’s game. Paul Wilson’s tip of visualizing the clubhead as a block of steel on a track provides a simple yet powerful approach to achieving this goal. By letting go of the urge to influence the clubhead and focusing on a controlled, slower swing with proper setup and arm usage, golfers can improve their accuracy and consistency. So, the next time you step onto the golf course, remember the wise words of Paul Wilson and watch your golf ball soar straight towards the target.

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