How To Hit Long Irons: Like Short Irons

In this video Terry is going to show how to hit long irons like short irons. He will show that it is just as easy to hit long irons as it is to hit short irons.

The long iron golf swing is basically the same swing as the short iron golf swing, the only difference is the long iron is going back on a wider arch and comes back down on a shallower swing plane. Same swing plane just wider arch.

As each club goes back on plane there is no difference on the takeaway your going to feel a wider arch. And when you get to the backswing both swings are in virtually the same position.

On the downswing with longer clubs the impact position will feel flatter and more on a straight line heading into the ball. What this feeling does is keeps golfers from coming over the top. Many weekend golfers feel like they have to help the ball in the air with longer clubs because there is not as much loft. This thinking is the exact opposite of what needs to happen. In fact, with longer less lofted clubs the hitting down and through is even more important.

One more thing… the trail elbow as it comes into the slot and impact zone actually helps to keep the club shaft out in front of your body so you will not get stuck and have to flip at the ball.

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