In this tip I teach you how to hit your driver long and straight. This tip is unlike anything you’ve heard in the past so please watch the whole lesson and incorporate these thoughts into your swing the next time you practice.

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For this driver tip, we’re looking at 2 areas of the swing. The top of the backswing just as you start down and just before you hit the ball. These are the 2 areas that can hamper both distance and consistency.

As I explain these thoughts try to change them into the future. If so, it’ll turn your arms off so you can use your body to hit the ball as opposed to just your arms. Too many people are just trying to hit driver as hard as they can. This feels good. It feels powerful and it feels natural. The problem is, this is not how to hit your driver longer and straighter.

So focus on the tips I explain in this video. Give them a try the next time you’re at the range. Now this doesn’t mean you are going to try it for 3 shots. Keep doing it for at least 1 bucket. If so, you will be amazed at how much better you hit your driver.

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