How to Hit Chip Shots from the Rough

Chipping tips seem to be endless these days. The problem for most amateurs is probably that there are too MANY tips out there, and the information bogs down any sort of progress.

The difference between a good and bad chip shot is determined by two main factors: hand positioning and ball positioning. Simply putting the ball in one spot or the hands in another tells you nothing though, if you don’t understand cause and effect. Here are three videos that will explain proper hand positioning, proper ball positioning, and finally the cause and effect of each.

Hand Positioning

One of the most common mistakes when chipping is hand positioning. Golfers often will move their hands forward when chipping, which ends up taking loft off the club. Todd Kolb shows us how to get our hands in the right position, and explains why we might as well be using a mid-iron if our hands are too far forward when chipping.

Ball Positioning

Hitting a chip shot with the ball too far back in the stance is a common fault, because it takes loft off the club. Weekend golfers often stab down at the ball when it’s too far back, leading to chunked shots and inconsistency. Learn about better ball positioning to help control the bottom of the swing and reduce chunk shots.

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