How To Hit A Draw In Golf (Easy Drill)

Here’s how to hit a draw in golf.
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I want to go over a couple key points here as to how to get you guys curving the golf ball from right to left, hitting those draws within a couple of swings. This isn’t something that should take a long time to be able to do.

I want to explain the information, show you a couple ways to do it, and get you drawing that golf ball very quickly.

Let’s briefly talk about what creates the draw. In the swing, the first key checkpoint that I need to go over to understand how I’m going to curve the ball from right to left is, we need to understand that the club face needs to be closed to the path.

I can’t hit a ball that draws if my club face is square to, nor if it’s open to the path. I need the club face to be closed to the path.

Let’s go over a couple points that are going to help us do that: The first part that dictates whether the club face is open or closed, and for us to get this draw going, is going to be the grip. What we need to avoid is any overly weak grip pattern, any hands turned counterclockwise on the club too much, any heel pad on the side of the club, a very palmy left-hand grip, right hand too far on top.

All of those pieces, like Vs to my left, all of the things that we’ve talked about in our grip videos, that’s going to inhibit our ability to get the club face closed. We need to avoid that. Watch the video for the full explanation!

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