How to Grow a Following On Social Media for Disc Golf | Instagram Tips and Tricks

There are as many reasons to grow a following on social media as there are social media platforms. Whether you want to connect with other golfers, grow your personal brand, or boost your resumé for future sponsorships it can feel impossible to start seeing big numbers in your follower count. Posting feels draining when we barely see growth, and after a while our energy for social media begins to dwindle.

I want to take some time today to share with you a few secrets behind the mysterious, Instagram Algorithm, as well as some tips and lessons I’ve learned along the way of building my page within the disc golf community. I believe there are tons of incredible people out there in the disc golf community, and social media allows us to connect and grow friendships all over the world! So let’s dive in and see if we can learn just a few things to start growing your following today!

One of my favorite channels for Instagram Growth is Dominik does a fantastic job explaining things, and I’ve done my best to adapt some of his lessons into the disc golf world!

Every account I referenced inside the video is a real Instagram account, and I wanted to link them all here for you as well! Give them a follow!!
@Trash Panda Disc Golf
Disc Golf Insight
Robby C DG
Sara Sinclair
@Caddie Disc Golf
Joey Adams
Lefty Hyzers

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