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Learn How To Easily Get Out Of The Bunker

I know a lot of you struggle to get out of the bunker. It’s costing you many strokes per round and this video will make hitting bunker shots so much easier. There is a more forgiving way to hit bunker shots that will get you on the green and closer to the hole.

This video will help you:
*Get out of the bunker
*Stop hitting fat bunker shots
*Get closer to the hole from a bunker
*Hit the sand first and the ball easily comes out
*Remove the confusion you may have in hitting bunker shots

I’m fortunate enough to have golfers from all over the US come to beautiful Arizona and Superstition Mountains to take golf lessons with me.

To book a lesson you can email me at or call 801-400-3161.


Golfletics is my brand as I believe the golf swing is very much like other sports. For example, swinging a baseball bat; hitting a hockey puck; or hitting a tennis ball. Even like throwing a rock or ball sidearm.

Location: Superstition Mountain (Arizona)

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