How to Fix a Steep Golf Downswing & Hit the Ball More Consistent

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In this video I will show you how to fix your steep golf downswing and instead come down on plane that results in more solid and consistent golf shots.

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This video is all about how to get rid of your steep downswing and perform a more consistent, repeatable golf swing that leads to lower scoring.

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If you’re a golfer that struggles to hit the ball consistently, you might be coming down too steep in your downswing causing problems in your golf swing.

If this is done incorrectly, it not only can rob you of power but accuracy with all of your golf shots.

To play consistent golf it’s important you’ll learn the correct way to perform the downswing so your clubhead is coming down to the golf ball on the right plane ensuring solid contact with the golf ball.

This simple practice drill can be used as a pre-round warm up or even as a backyard drill to get in the right position in the downswing.

The best part is it’s anyone can do this regardless of their ability and its costs nothing.

Whether you play off 27 or 9, this drill is for all golfers that want to get rid of your steep downswing once and for all.

This simple drill will get your golf shots started off on a better line towards your target and avoid a lot of trouble left and right of the fairway.

So enjoy the video on how to get rid of your steep downswing and see how it improves your golf game.

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