How To Fix A Chicken Wing In Your Golf Swing

In this tip I show you how to fix a chicken wing in your golf swing. This is one of the worst flaws you can do so if you cure this you will hit your irons pure and driver way longer.

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one of the biggest swing faults for amateur golfers is a chicken wing. So many golfers do it so there must be a reason for it. Well, I am here to tell you that in this tip that there is a reason. Once you know that, you are on your way to fixing it.

Along with curing your chicken wing come new feelings which you need to get used to. This is not hard but it is different so unless you know them you will go right back to you old swing and never fix this flaw.

Finally, along with fixing your chicken wing comes another flaw you may start doing. Don’t worry because if you see this other flaw showing up in your swing it’s actually telling you that you are changing. Near the end of this lesson I show you how to cure that too so this tip really has it all.

So carefully follow my instruction. If so, you will fix your chicken wing in no time and start to hit solid irons, take divots and hit your driver longer than ever.

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