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This video about finishing drywall is sponsored by Lowes Home Improvement.


Hanging drywall is one thing but finishing is another! Don’t fret, Nick has over 18 years of experience and shows you how to finish drywall without any fancy tools. Everything used here can be picked up at your local Lowes.

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There are 4 steps to finishing drywall: taping, second coat, skimming, and sanding!

Mixing Mud and Taping- :43 to 8:05

Second Coat- 8:06 to 13:03

Skim Coat- 13:04 to 15:08

Sanding- 15:09 to the end!

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Here are the tools we used for finishing the drywall:

Step Stool-

Marshalltown Ball Mixing Arm-

Ajax Dish Soap-

Marshalltown 6″ Taping Knife-

Warner 10″ Taping Knife-

Blue Hawk 12″ Taping Knife-

Stanley Screwdriver-

Sheetrock Brand All-Purpose Drywall Joint Compound-

Sheetrock Plus 3 Lightweight Drywall Mud-

ProForm Paper Tape-

Marshalltown Drywall Mud Pan-

10-amp Corded 1/2-in Keyed Corded Drill-

Utilitech Extension Cord-

Gator Pole Sander-

Gator Drywall Sanding Screen-

3M Sanding Sponge-

After watching this video do you feel less intimidated to tackle your own drywall finishing projects?

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