How to Do Dumbbell Lunges Properly for Men – The Beginner’s Guide

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** How to Do Dumbbell Lunges Properly for Men – The Beginner’s Guide **

The dumbbell lunge has to be one of my favorite leg exercises for a few different reasons. Although it may not be as glamorous as a massive deadlift or heavy leg press, the dumbbell lunge offers an incredible amount of variety in terms of both level of difficulty and utility. That’s why I put together this in-depth guide on how to do dumbbell lunges for beginners because it’s a great place to start for anyone who is getting back into exercise.

As you’ll discover, there are two variations of the dumbbell lunge, along with a variety of ways we can use them in our routine, to both lose weight and build muscle. And as a beginner, once you nail the form points and the overall understanding of this exercise, you can carry this with you along your entire fitness journey. So in this video, you’ll learn the proper form, different recommendations for sets and reps and will walk away with a great leg exercise for whatever your focus is. Let’s dive in.

One of the best parts about the dumbbell lunge, especially for beginners, is that it requires almost no equipment. Just a pair of dumbbells. And for some of us, starting out without dumbbells is enough to feel that burn, and that’s totally fine. That being said, I do recommend getting a pair of dumbbells anyway so when you do progress you can keep right on going.

The Step Back Variation of the Dumbbell Lunge (1:11)

Now, one of the biggest keys with both variations is to maintain a strong posture and shoulder width stance. Good posture will keep your back and core strong, and the shoulder width stance will keep you balanced. With that in place, we can look at the actual motion.

What you’ll discover in this demonstration of the step back lunge:
– The proper distance you should step out
– What to watch for in your front leg
– What you can do to help balance
– The main muscles worked in this motion

The Walking Variation of the Dumbbell Lunge for Beginners (3:16)

As the name suggests, instead of a step back after each rep, we’re going to continue forward. This variation primarily targets our glutes and hamstrings, as opposed to our quads. A key point here, as with the step back, is to make sure you don’t dip too far down in your lunge and release tension.

The Dumbbell Lunge Routine for Beginners (4:38)

To start you out we’re going to look at the two main routines you can pick between for weight loss or muscle building. The biggest difference is in terms of the sets and reps between the two.

The Best Weight Loss Workout for Beginners (5:40)

While dumbbell lunges are great, if you’re goal right now is weight loss there’s a much more effective, time-efficient routine called metabolic circuit training.

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Summary of Dumbbell Lunges for Beginners (6:24)

Overall, dumbbell lunges are an amazing leg exercise that can be used for both weight loss and muscle building. As with any exercise, there are some key form points we need to focus on to get the best results. And having the right routine in terms of sets and reps is also essential. Hopefully, this video helped clear those details up for any beginners, and if you’d like more support download our free resources and subscribe to our channel here for more videos.

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