How To Check Your Grip Pressure (Key To Solid Shots)

In this tip I show you how to check your grip pressure on the club. This is vital. I have numerous tips now on this but I know people are still way too loose.

I though of this way to learn how to check your grip pressure so everyone will know exactly how tight they should be holding on as the go back and at the top of the backswing. This is simple. Anyone can do this. Once you feel the correct grip pressure memorize this feeling and try it in practice swings and when you go to hit balls.

The grip is your connection to the club. If it’s too loose you will grab back on and tighten your wrists. Ideally you want a secure grip while having loose wrists. It is not loose grip. So check this one out and start checking your grip pressure. Once you do, you will hit the ball so much more solidly you won’t believe it.

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In this tip I'm going to show you a way To check Your hinge and even your grip pressure How to secure the grip should be At the top of the backswing so you know Try to explain this to a lot of people You know when I'm holding on to the golf Club I start at 2 out of ten by the time I hit the top I am 8 out of ten But my wrists are loose so I can hold on Super tight and still have loose wrists That's what I'm doing in no way am I Letting go of this Golf Club Okay and that's you know a lot of people Have a false sense of what loose is You know when I say oh you got to relax Your arms you got to be have you got to Have loose risks what do people do they Go like this they let go And then they let go over here I'm not Doing that Let go let go no don't let go of the Golf club You're holding on eight out of ten It's your urists are loose So here's the easy way to understand Exactly what I'm talking about okay so Here's what we're gonna do we're gonna Go like this we do our setup Okay We're gonna hold on We're gonna take this club like this We're gonna hinge in our wrists up Towards your nose right there you're

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Holding on But see when you do that right here You're loosening your wrists I'm not Letting go to do that I'm not going like That I'm holding on I'm hinging it towards my Nose Now from right here what we're going to Do is we're going to bring it to the top Of the back swing Okay that's the feeling of secure grip Hopefully loose rests Because you hinged already if you hinge They had to be loose to hinge Now you bring it up here That's holding on with loose rests All right so I thought that'd be a great Way for you to work on or know exactly What I'm talking about when I'm saying Secure grip loose risk even though I Start at two out of 10 here I gradually Increased to 8 out of ten by the time I Hit the top Okay so let me do that from down the Line here or right here so I'm going to Go like that I'm going to hold on I'm Gonna hinge right here that's all I'm Doing I'm not going like this I'm not letting go Wrists right here hinge Now I bring it to the backswing Okay that's it You can look back at it if you want Doesn't matter all I'm looking for is

For you to understand how you can hold On But then have loose wrists they had to Be loosed in order to do that So maybe give that a try so you get that Concept that's actually an old drill That's been around for many many years Getting people to you know set the top Of the backswing properly but I got Thinking about it that that would be a Great way for you to understand how Secure am I actually holding on to it so You can go like that you can go to the Top and you can hit shots if you want I'm okay with you doing that that's a Drill that's been around forever All right so give that a try like I said Make sure you hold on to the club though Okay I am not letting go of that Golf Club you let go of that club your first Move will be to grip back on as soon as You grip back on you're gonna lock Everything up And then you're gonna have tight wrists We need a secure grip it's our wrists That are loose I truly hope you've Enjoyed this tip here's another tip That's going to help you improve your Swing now right below that don't forget To click on that link because I'm going To send you some free samples of my body Swing book and video series that'll take You step by step by step through how to Build a powerful effortless pain-free

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