Life Lessons in a Golf Game

When you play a game of golf, you engage in it not just for the exercise but for the relaxation it offers. The carpeted green landscape gives your eyes the chance to relax and take things easy. For some, the golf course is the best place to do business. It has been said that more business deals are closed on the golf course than anywhere else.

How to Decide Which Golf Ball to Use

Choosing the right golf ball for your game is as important as choosing the right type of golf clubs. If you are using the wrong compression or construction golf ball for your swing speed, you are more than likely throwing away strokes.

Tips for Managing Tee-Box Pressure

Every golfer, pro or amateur, has experienced it at some time in his game. You haven’t played enough of the sport if you haven’t felt your nerves jitter in one round of golf. It doesn’t matter if it’s a competitive match or one played by you or your buddies. As you step up the tee-box, you suddenly feel unsure, shaky and begin imagining all sorts of things that could go wrong with your round. Perhaps it’s the thought of having people watch you play or the fact that you are playing against the defending champion in your club for the previous years.

Minigolfing With the Family

Taking kids to a golf course to spark their interest in the game is admittedly difficult. Not only is the size of a golf course overwhelming for children to begin with, it’s also difficult to contain them in such a wide expanse. It is going to entail a lot of shouting which would make them miss out the whole point of the game and create much stress for you.

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Reasons Why You Aren’t Swinging As Far As You Should

You normally make pretty good long shots. But this time around, it seems that nothing is working for you. All your drives just fall short and no matter what you do, your clubhead just won’t cooperate. What could be wrong? Sometimes, the reasons why you’re losing drive on your shots are due to factors other than your swing itself. Consider the following and try to rectify it if possible:

Use of Mental Imagery in Golf

You’ve heard coaches tell their players to “be the ball” and imagine themselves rolling towards the hole. Others, meanwhile, instruct their golfers to be aware of their shoulders, hips and arms as they prepare to hit the ball so they can direct the club to swing correctly. Still others convince their players to think that victory in a particular tournament is their God-given right.

Do You Play Golf to Win?

We are all programmed to win. Even when we were younger, we were always told that winning is everything, that it was the only thing that mattered. This has become our psyche in dealing with almost everything that we do. In golf, as in any game, we always want to outdo our opponents and try to emerge the best at the end of every game. But is winning really everything? Is there any thing else more important in golf than the scent of victory?

Yoga and Golf

Golf is both a physical and mental game. In fact, some would even argue that the mental part dominates it more, which is also the reason why a lot of golfers seem to take forever to analyze their ball and swing their club. But the truth of the matter is, successfully driving a ball to the fairway and later sinking the putt entails harmonizing the physiological and the psychological components of a golfer’s game. In no other sport is there such a need for almost seamless synchronization that sometimes the player who scores the lowest is the one who has mastered the art of flexibility and concentration.

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Play Ready Golf!

The most common complaint heard about golf is the slow pace of the game. Players seem to take their time in analyzing the ball, determining the best swing to take, take into account wind direction and speed and all the minutest details that any 18-hole golf course can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to finish.

How Plyometrics Improves Your Long Game

When you think of plyometrics, you usually think of high jumps and long leaps. At the outset, it doesn’t look like it’s an exercise for golfers. After all, what could powerful exercises done in short movements and bursts do for the golfer? Isn’t golf more of a laid-back game?

How Do the Grasses in the Course Affect Your Golf Game?

There are different types of grasses used in a golf course depending on the area in the golf course. It’s important to know how grass is cut in the fairway, rough, fringe or green so you can strategize on the best action to take for your game.

Indoor Golf Exercises

Just because the golf course is blanketed in the snow of winter doesn’t mean that you should put your golf form to sleep too. Four to six months is enough time for you to get rusty. If you’ll succumb to the cold of winter and sleep your way through spring, you’ll start golf season with high scores and all the unpleasant body aches that are the inevitable results of your inactivity.

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