How to Break 80 – Shooting 75 (Chipping Tips)


The golf stuff we use:



I played the Royal Golf Country Club Lat Krabang – the scene of the crime of the How to Not Break 80 video where I hit the driver like a fool.

I did a lot different this time:
1. No beer
2. I had practiced 3 hours a week for 3 weeks.
3. I used irons off the short par 4 tees.
4. I was playing a match play game and needed to concentrate more.
5. I putted much better.
6. I hit enough club most of the time instead of being my internal inside my head hero.

I played a Bridgestone B330-S in this video but it didn’t suit me for putting and I left a lot of putts short where a softer ball like a Titleist ProV1 or Callaway Chrome Soft/Super Soft would have easily got to the hole – which I proved to myself on the practice green after the round.

This video was kind of rushed but the next few should be more interesting. I hope you get something out of it.

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