How to Break 80 off the Pro Tees Without Driver – 75 at Gary Player Country Club for the supplementary article with a few more tips in it.

I played Gary Player Country Club at Sun City with Didi and his family. It’s a tough track that they play the Nedbank Golf Challenge on. Long, unforgiving and filled with optical illusions, it’s quite a challenge.


The focus on golf for 2019 and my future how to break 80 and how to break 90, how to break 100 series will be focused on reducing the stress and pressure you place on yourself to break these made up barriers.

There will be a big emphasis on selecting the right shots, leaving the right shot into greens, leaving a decent chip and more instruction on the short game. You’re either on this train or you’re off it because it’s moving forward, stomping ass and taking names.

Handicaps are dropping this year. Don’t get left behind with another mediocre season of the same scores you’ve shot for the last 5 years. Take my advice, try it out and then report back. Adapt it to your own game and shoot the lights out.

LOL, here is a disclaimer because I am expecting the following issues to be brought up:
1. Yes the Gary Player Country Club easiest course in the world and I know already, I must come to Japan for a real test of golf.
2. I teed off the white on hole 1 because the starter didn’t want me teeing off the back. I teed off on 14 off the whites because my caddie forgot to tell me to walk another way. It was 60 yards back and I couldn’t be bothered to walk all the way around again (200 yard walk to hold up play)
3. My short game sucked today because I left myself impossible shots.
4. The rough, according to my caddie, Happy, was longer than at the Nedbank Challenge held 5 weeks prior.

The golf stuff we use:

Tripod: e

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