How to Break 80 in Golf – Shot by Shot Course Management

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The golf stuff we use:



Please note: Hole 2 is a par 3. I screwed up the image – it says it’s a par 4 in the video.

I played the Melati course in Johor Bahru and went out with one goal, to Break 80 on a decent golf course!

What I found to be most helpful were:

1. Don’t use driver on every tee. Play for position.
2. Chip and putt chip and putt!
3. Inside 130 yards is important!
4. Everyone can work on their putting at least a hour a week and what a difference it would make!
5. To break 80, you need to commit to every single shot. There is little room for error so whatever you do don’t hit a shot until you’re happy you feel comfortable over the ball.
6. Stay positive. Use positive language in your talk on the golf course. Instead of saying, “don’t hit it in the water” or “don’t top it”….imagine the shot and say out loud exactly what it is that is going to happen. “a little draw off the big tree into the fairway” for example.
7. Do not let the result or outcome determine your emotional state. I did and I paid for it with lots of bogeys.
8. A rangefinder is your best friend! I use the Bushnell V4 Tour – you can check out my reviews here:

Hope it’s helpful – new videos will be released soonest!!
Breaking 80

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