How to be More Consistent in Golf!

Looking to become more consistent on the golf course? Tune in as we break down 3 helpful tips to improve your consistency on the course!
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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George cotton with scratch golf tips and Today we're going to be talking about One of the questions I get most Frequently on the Instagram page and Here on YouTube which is how do I play Golf more consistently now this question Refers to the performance of your golf Your scoring a lot of golfers will go Out and they'll shoot 88 and they'll Feel great then they'll take seven days Off they'll play next weekend and They'll shoot a 97 and they'll feel like Every part of their game that was there The previous round is no longer there Their lacking consistency all around so Let's talk about three tips that will Get you more consistency in your game Now before we get into the three Particular tips the overarching answer To this question is if you want to play Golf more consistently you need to play Golf more consistently meaning you need To practice at least once a week you Need to play a few times you can expect Consistent results if you're playing Once every seven weeks it's just not Going to work out that way sometimes we Expect it to but it's not going to so First off let's just get that out of the Way you need to play golf consistent in Order to have scoring and performance Golf be consistent now the first tip That I have if we're looking to improve

Our consistency in golf is see some type Of consistency within the golf setup a Lot of golfers will set up to the ball Differently throughout around and that's A big part of why you see different Results if you have a different pre-shot Routine you know you're doing three more Club Waggles you're uncomfortable over The ball you have the ball position Varying unintentionally you're not going To see consistent results the good news Is this is a fairly easy fix as setting Up to the ball is not part of your Technical golf swing it's just what you Do right before the golf swing head over To the range and spend some time just Working on your pre-shot routine and set Up fundamentals if you can find Consistency in those that's going to be Imperative in finding consistency on the Golf course with your striking and Intern your scoring if you don't have a Pre-shot routine or you want to Formulate a new one you want to know a Little bit more about the pre-shot Routine we have a video that you can Watch up there and then aside from the Pre-shot routine just work on having the Ball in the same same part of your Stance working on the same posture it's Very important to film yourself during This so that you can see oh my shoulders Are really hunched over in this one oh Maybe I'm standing too far away from the

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Ball I have the ball there's a bunch of Things that go into your setup that you Can work on so just work on finding Consistency work on what's comfortable a Lot of people say you need the ball Positioned right here in your stance That's not true it comes down to what You're comfortable with what's what Makes you confident over the ball and Most importantly what is consistently Giving a good result in your golf swing So be sure to work on the setup another Thing that's very important for Consistency is keeping track of your Statistics I've spoken about this a Little bit on the channel but if you Think about your golf game like a Business a business has all of their Numbers they have their revenues their Profits their expenses accounts payable All that and that helps them formulate a Picture of how the business is Performing golfers are the same way you Want to know the greens and reg you're Hitting the fairways you're hitting or Missing you want to know the clubs you Have in your scrambling you want to know This stuff in order to formulate a Picture of what your game is like and Where you can work on oftentimes Inadvertently many golfers go to the Practice range and they practice the Things that they're already good at Because it makes them feel better about

Their game personally the strength of my Game is my iron play so naturally I like To go to the range and hit a bunch of Irons and hit creative shots because That just makes me feel like a good Golfer but I'm not a very good putter I Can work on my driver and that's Overlooked but because I keep my Statistics and I know hey I'm hitting a Lot of greens and rag but I'm not Hitting many Fairways hey I'm actually Chipping way more than I should be Especially on these easy shots where I Should be getting up and down I'm not Because I keep those statistics I know What to work on so now instead of just Hitting a bunch of irons and basically Keeping that level I'm working a little Bit more on my t-shots I'm working a Little bit more on my chipping and now All these levels of your game are going To be more consistent across the board You don't have to rely on one part of Your game when each part is pretty Strong on and the final tip is very Important when thinking about Consistency in golf is you need to Manage your expectations like I said Earlier you will not be an incredibly Consistent golfer unless you can go out And play a few times a week and actively Practice and actively get 18 holes of Good golf in this is not a that's not a Reasonable expectation for every golfer

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If you're in your 20s and you have a Full-time job and you can only get out There every once in a while that's fine But don't go to the course and expect oh Man I just missed two greens on the Front nine I can't be doing that no Manage your expectations know where You're coming from the PGA tour players The LPGA Tour Pros they get frustrated When they're inconsistent because they Practice 50 hours a week it's their Full-time job they obsess over it they Can allow those expectations to be Incredibly high if you are not actively Working on your game if you're not Practicing and putting the work in then Don't get too on yourself about being Inconsistent it's just going to make Golf which is a very pleasant game a Little bit unpleasant When You're Expecting so much of yourself so take it Easy on yourself for what manage those Expectations work on that setup I think A lot of you uh think oh my setup's fine But if you really look at it you get Some film on there and you have an Examination of your setup fundamentals Your pre-shot routine it'll really help The consistency of your game and then Finally we want to really be keeping Track of those statistics in the golf on Your scorecard have your score what I do On mine is I hit Fairways my greens and Rag putts chips and then I write down

What clubs that I use so I I'll do I'll Hit my T club driver seven iron just so I know what clubs I'm hitting the green With what clubs maybe I'm missing what Clubs I'm using off the tee to hit the Fairway Etc so if you use those three Tips you'll definitely see more Consistency in your golf game if you've Had anything in your game really help With consistency I'd love to know and I'm guessing the other people watching This video video would also benefit from Knowing so please leave a comment down Below we'd love to hear what you have to Say I read all the comments and reply to Them also on these videos and as always Thank you very much for watching play Well and take care [Music]

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