How to Avoid Double Bogeys! #golftips #golfswing

I can share my top tips on how to avoid double bogeys in golf! Join me as I walk you through some essential strategies to improve your golf swing and lower your score on the course. Let’s tee off together and take your game to the next level! #golftips #golfswing

How to Avoid Double Bogeys: Mastering Essential Golf Shots


As a passionate golfer always striving for excellence on the course, I understand the frustration and disappointment that comes with scoring double bogeys. These unnecessary shots not only impact my overall score but also dampen the enjoyment of the game. However, over the years, I have perfected four essential golf shots that have helped me escape trouble and prevent those dreaded double bogeys. Let me share my tips with you.

The Low Shot

When faced with obstacles or tight spaces on the course, mastering the low shot is crucial. To execute this shot successfully, I move the ball back in my stance, put my hands forward, deloft the club, and shorten my follow-through. This technique allows me to keep the ball flight low, ensuring it stays beneath tree branches or other overhead obstructions.

The High Shot

Conversely, situations may arise where a high shot is necessary to clear hazards or reach elevated greens. For this shot, I opt for a more lofted club, place the ball further up in my stance, aim for a neutral shaft position, and swing up at the ball. By utilizing this strategy, I achieve a higher trajectory and increased distance, giving me better control over the ball’s flight path.

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The Hook Shot

When faced with a challenging dogleg or a tight fairway, mastering the hook shot can be a game-changer. To execute a hook shot, I close the club face, narrow down my stance, shallow out the swing, and release my wrists heavily through impact. This technique imparts left-to-right spin on the ball, allowing me to navigate around obstacles and set up favorable approaches to the green.

The Slice

Conversely, dealing with a slice can be detrimental to my game, leading to errant shots and lost strokes. To combat this issue, I maintain an open stance, open the club face, and ensure an outward path through the ball. By correcting my alignment and swing path, I can minimize the slice and keep my shots on target.


In conclusion, mastering these four essential golf shots has significantly improved my overall performance on the course, helping me avoid double bogeys and navigate tricky situations with confidence. By practicing and refining these techniques, you too can elevate your game and enjoy a more consistent and rewarding golfing experience.


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