How to Analyze Your Swing! 3 Things To Look For

More Distance and Accuracy With Golf Driving Tips

Most golfers wish they could hit 300-yard drives down the center of the fairway every single time. Not all golfers can achieve this type of length, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add 10 or 15 yards to your drives. My golf driving tips, below, will help most golfers achieve a bit more length and accuracy off the tee.

Three Necessary Golf Driving Tips for Beginners

Before we get into the golf driving tips for beginners, make sure this isn’t where you start learning the game. As a beginner, you want to learn from the green to the tee, which means putting, chipping, and pitching all come before driving.

The History of Golf

While the history of golf is much debated the game as we know it today originated in Scotland in the 15th century. There are many accounts of a game similar to this one in Ancient Rome they played the game of paganic in which the participants used a bent stick to hit a leather ball. In ancient China a game was played called chuiwan which means striking ball.

Best Golf Net – 5 Features To Consider Depending On Your Skill Level

Golf nets are great for honing your golf swing. They can help with consistency of hitting solid shots, body strength leading to more distance, and also lowering scores. After all, practice makes perfect, and a golf net makes practice easier! Here are 5 features to consider when choosing the best golf net for your needs depending on your skill level.

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How To Stay Calm When Playing Golf

When a player wants to know how to stay calm when playing golf they have to first and foremost relax. The game being played is soothing, and can be relaxing, if they know a course well.

How to Warm Up for a Round of Golf

Many golfers think all it takes to warm up for a round of golf is hitting the range. They will go and work on different swings depending on the conditions, but this is not all it takes to get fully warmed up and ready to play your round.

Improving Your Golf Game With Better Shoes

When you step onto the golf course, your shoes make a difference. This is especially true for beginners, but all golfers can improve their game with the right shoes. Just like choosing the right clothing that allows you to feel comfortable, the right golf shoes will help you out there on the course.

Golf Mechanics for a Great Swing

Do you often take advice from someone with a horrible golf swing? You might be a beginner or an advanced player, but you recognize your swing could use a little help. This is the first step and sometimes this can lead to a better golf game, but don’t take advice from someone that doesn’t understand the swing. When you first start playing golf, you don’t want to spend a large amount of time on the swing because there are more important parts of your game.

Managing Your Game During Bad Weather

One of the most important parts of golf is managing the course properly. This is something that beginners and even the best professional golfers need. If you know the distance you are from the hole, the proper club to choose, and how you should hit the shot, it will make a huge difference. Another thing many golfers don’t understand, but should, is how to play in bad weather conditions when out on the course.

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Steps to Clean Your Clubs and Improve Your Game

How can you achieve better golfing results? Start by cleaning your clubs. It really can be that simple. Better contact comes from clean clubs with nothing in the grooves. Clubs cannot always do what they are designed to do if they are not clean. Even one small piece of dirt can make a huge difference.

Five Important Things to Consider When Choosing Golf Clubs

Having proper equipment is an essential part of playing the game and many golfers understand this. With many new types of golf clubs out there, it can be difficult to find the right type for the way you play the game. However, by using our five-step process you can choose the right clubs for your bag and play the best possible golf much easier.

Selecting the Right Club for Beginners and Advanced Golfers

Getting on the green and putting for birdie comes down to selecting the right golf club. It all starts with buying clubs that fit you just right and they must also fit the type of game you try to play. If you like to curve the ball it will make a difference in the type of clubs you should buy. Most standard sets of golf clubs will come with a driver, three wood, five wood, three through nine irons, a couple wedges, and a putter.

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